A new month

1 OctoberGood morning lovely people. October starts with fog. I don’t like foggy weather when I am driving my car (I missed a turn once because I couldn’t see it!), but this misty blanket in the back garden is pretty. SpiderwebEven this spider web looks beautiful, but I am glad the maker of it is currently not at home.
DaanDaan is joining me on my way into the garden and I must say, he is bit naughty this morning. He keeps jumping onto Pip, who is most certainly not amused with this kind of behaviour.
Green red hot peppersYesterday I picked my last vegetables. These are red hot peppers. Yes, I know they are green, but I got the seeds from red peppers. I’ve probably sowed them too late in the season. Must do better next year. But … they taste great. I added one in my pasta-dish last night and … yumyum …
October Just before I flipped over the calendar page to October I started a new project. I call it a project as I am not sure whether this is going to be a big blanket or a cushion cover or a picknick-blanket.
Bag with yarnI had this bag in my study for weeks now, with the yarn for my BrighBedBlanket in it, remember? That turned out to be a mini-cushion? But I didn’t want to make another blanket with the same pattern. But ooohhh … the joy of Internet. So many ideas and inspiration. I looked at the blankets I saved on my Pinterest-page and found this round squares-blanket. Beautiful isn’t it?
Why another WiP, you might wonder, you already working on seven WiP’s? True, you are so very true. Well, I guess the reason is that I like to vary. And I wanted to work on something with lots of cheerful colours. Yes, me! Working on bright colours! Maybe it’s because fall has arrived that I am longing for some colourful yarn in my hands.
BrightBBI’ve adjusted the pattern to my own taste as I usually do. The last two rows of every square are pink. Very pink. That gives the blanket a calm look. I think. Or not? No, it’s too pink and Yes, it’s going to be a blanket. Again. For the spare bedroom. Let’s hope all that pink won’t keep any guests awake at night. So, do you think I should add another coulour to it to neutralize it a bit? Maybe with some light green? Green is always good. You do realize I am thinking aloud here? It’s probably the weather, the chancing of the season …
I think it’s time for a cappuccino.


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2 Responses to A new month

  1. I like the spider’s web photograph. It shows up well against the leaves.

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