Last weekend of September

It’s nearly October. It really is. Time goes só fast. I can say that every month but it’s true. The days are getting shorter so I have a good excuse to wear my pj’s and to crawl onto the sofa with my latest crochetproject. Last week I bought two pairs of pyjama’s at the supermarket. Now, these were grocery shopping so no need to feel guilty about this (cheap) purchase, is there?
Saturday morning hookyAnd my pj’s last forever. Aahhh, those lovely flowers on my legs … I am really enjoying the longing of the evenings, spending the Autumn-nights in the comfort of my own house. The word cocooning was invented for me, I think.
BreadWe had a wonderful weekend on this side of the pond, not a drop of rain and with lots of sunshine. The garden could use some water, though, but I am sure we’ll have plenty of that somewhere in the next month. Almost every weekend involves some baking of the sort. Now, I know you wonder what this piece of art is. It’s bread. It’s so hard you can kill someone with it, seriously. We have this bread making machine, but for some odd reason my bread always fails. Next time I’ll bake the old-fashioned way, without a machine. Just ordinary kneading, with my hands. But maybe it is not to blame the machine, but the bread flour-mix. I kept that in the cellar and it might be too damp in there.
My cookies, on the other hand, turned out perfectly. O yes, they most certainly did and as always they tasted yummy.
KoekjesI added oat flakes in half of the dough, so these cookies turned out to be very healthy. Yes, very healthy indeed.
CookiesNow the recipe of these delicious cookies is very simple. I usually make a triple batter cookie mixture, so if you want to make less, divide the recipe in three ::

600 grams of plain flour
300 grams of caster sugar (Any colour you like. The darker the sugar, the darker the cookies become, obviously)
450 grams of soft butter
a pinch of salt
cinnamon or cookie spices
a big bowl

Take of your rings and start to mix all the ingredients with your hands. Make tiny balls (or big ones if you like big cookies), put them on a baking tray that has baking paper on it and flatten the balls a bit. You can do that with a fork or with you hand.
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees for about 18 minutes. My first load I always bake in about 14, 15 minutes as they tend to burn. Just check, as  every oven is different.
You can add raisins to the batter or oat flakes, or nuts, whatever you like.
While the first load is baking I make the rest of the little balls and I prepare my second  baking tray. Just one advise: don’t prepare the third tray immediately after baking as the tray is still hot and the dough melts. Let the tray cool down a bit first.
cookies not baked yetLet the baked cookies cool down on a roaster. BTW:: They taste absolute deliiiiiiiiiiiiiiicious when still a bit warm …

My weekend also included::
SAMSUNG breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning
walnuts and grapes picking up walnuts (a daily task these days) and grapes
Ri4daagseEmmy a walk with Emmy
road to river I wanted to walk (I didn’t) this road that leads to the river, but I thought about doing it
tweed bagI worked on three hooky projects. 3 … (note to self: must work out my WiP’s and finish one thing at the time)
Book Amy Tanautograph Amy TanI won a book! Yay! and it has the autograph of the author in it, tut tut …. (English title: The Valley of Amazement)


PS: WiP’s means: Work in Progress …

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2 Responses to Last weekend of September

  1. I hope you don’t mind me making this comment but I don’t think the right word in english for your cookie mixture is batter. I know people in the USA call the mixture for muffins: batter but I think they would call the cookie mixture ‘cookie dough’ and here in the Uk I would call it ‘cookie mixture’.

  2. corine24 says:

    No, don’t mind at all! I am glad you correct me, thanks!

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