A walk with Emmy

SkyAhhh , what a glorious day! Look at that sky, and it so warm!
As my neighbour had to do some business elsewhere she asked me if I could take Emmy out for a walk. Yes! Of course! I love to walk with Emmy. Bless her.
And so I did. She was a bit shaky at first, when I came into the room, but a little sweet helped. Picking up her dog leash did the trick, that started to wag her tail.Sheep on the dykeI decided to walk on the dyke, and a bit further. This photo above is on ‘my’ site of the dyke. And when you go down on the other side there is a pond. In all the six (or is it seven?) years that I live here I have never ever walked down to that pond. Today was the day. And it was so much fun! I discovered hidden paths and cozy nooks. I can see myself sitting here, next Summer, on one of my own crocheted blankets working on another hooky project …
Path SAMSUNGYes, I ran down the dyke and walked to the pond. I was the only living soul there. The quietness was so relaxing and enjoyable.
SunshineSunbeamOhh, look at the light … amazing … So peacefully …
Clouds in the waterLook at the clouds reflecting in the water. Isn’t that beautiful? And I keep wondering why I never walked here before? The view is really pretty and so green. We don’t have Indian Summers here, well, very seldom anyway, but it is now nearly October and the landscape is still so green. Only a few trees decided to become brown before they drop their leaves.
SAMSUNG I’ve been looking for four-leave clover for some good luck. Couldn’t find any so we moved on. Now Emmy is a proper dog and like every other proper dog she had to sniff on every leaf and grass halm. She is very good at that.EmmyDandelionCloverMushroomsMeanwhile I looked around and I saw the last flowers of this season, and the first signs that Autumn really has taken off. Which is very hard to believe with the temperatures we have had lately. During this outing it was so warm I had to take of my vest. Nearly October and I can walk around in short sleeves.
BerriesBerriesI noticed berries in all kinds of colours. No idea which sort they were but they looked lovely.
BerriesBerriesNow, some of the photos are a bit blurred, sorry. This is all to blame to Emmy as she kept pulling, because she noticed something new to sniff at. All the time. I now understand that she pulled down my neighbour on to the street. This little lady is strong!
Emmy and crocs Emmy is a cutie-pie but she is not a very good model as she wouldn’t strike a pose, not even when I asked her nicely. Every time I clicked on the button of my mobile phone-camera she moved her pretty face. Or maybe she is just shy. And she wanted to run.
As she is not my dog I didn’t took of her belt as I was afraid she’d run away. Sometimes I ran with her, not the easiest thing to do on Crocs, you know.
As I walked further I discovered some hidden and forgotten fruit.
blackberriespearsSo next year I know where to pick my blackberries. And pears.EmmyAfter nearly an hour we headed back via the dyke into our street. “Oops, I see another dog. Let’s go that way.” No, Emmy we are going home. And as  I was in charge we turned to the right downhill and into my street.
SheepSheepAt the beginning of my street we have this little apple-orchard with some sheep in it. The sheep thought we were very interesting. O yes, we most certainly were. I stroked this one on its nose, she was so sweet. But maybe she was only interested in the flowers I picked on my way and was she longing for a snack.
FlowersdahliasDahliaI spotted more pretty flowers, in one of the neighbour’s garden. Dahlia’s! Aren’t these colours bright and vibrant! Now these I want next year in my garden. Most definitely. (note to self: buy dahlia-flower-bulbs).
SAMSUNGEmmy needs a restEmmy was tired after the walk. So was I. But in a good way. Note to self: walk more often.


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