Train hooky

SAMSUNGHave you ever done some hooky stuff in a train? No? Well, you should give it a go. It’s fun. It’s hilarious. And if you want some chatting while travelling, bring your hook and yarn onboard. People ALwayS start talking to you. Always. Yesterday, when I just got my hooky stuff out of my bag a very posh man said to me: ‘Een vrouwenhand en een paardentand staan nooit stil’. Translation in “good” English: ‘A woman’s hand and a horse’s tooth are never not moving.’ I had never heard of this expression. Well, you do learn something new every day, don’t you?
He was funny, this very chic well-dressed man, as he even said something about me being diligent and arduous. Ow, if he only knew how lazy I sometimes can be. Naturally I totally agreed with him. A woman, who came to sit next to me, squeezed in my yarn and cooed about her daughter crocheting baby-socks. The thing is, I never know how to respond to strangers talking to me spontaneously. I just start to mumbled something like ‘oh, that’s lovely’.
The pattern of this bag comes from Lucy’s blog and after making two bags already, a big one and a small one, I know the pattern by head. Which is a good thing when sitting in a full packed train as there is little space for patterns and other stuff. Where do al these people come from??
Lucy bagZomertasFor this bag I am only using tweed yarn and I crochet with a 5mm hook. And it goes ever so fast! Look what I have done in the train so far, in about two hours in total:
Tweed bagNow, I am afraid the bag is going to be a bit too big, bigger than I had in mind. That is what happens when sitting in a train and you don’t want to do what the other passengers do: stare at their mobile phones. So I am not sure yet what to use it for. A yarn bag? A shopping bag? I am planning to make a lining for it so this bag will be very sturdy and then it can also be used for carrying books. Now, let me just go on finishing the thing first. And then I’ll make another one in blue tweed and a little bit smaller than this big boy. I am such a diligent and arduous person, right?
Tweed yarnHave a nice weekend! And for those who go to Yarndale this weekend: I am soooooooooooooooooo jealous … but do enjoy!


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2 Responses to Train hooky

  1. Liz says:

    I have never crocheted on a train. Sadly, where I live now, we don’t have train or any type of public transportation.
    I was thinking it probably is big enough for a yarn bag and yes, a book bag.

    • corine24 says:

      The nearest train station is 13 km away from my house. I prefer the train when travelling to a big city like Amsterdam or Utrecht. The bag is nearly finished! 🙂

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