Flower bulbs

It is confusing weather these days. One day it is hot and sunny, the next day it is grey and damp. Socks-weather. But it is still September and I don’t want to wear socks yet. Do not know what to wear, though. Wintery jeans or summery linen trousers? Flip-flops or leather boots? In case of choosing the flip-flops my toenails need an update.
SAMSUNG SAMSUNG The nail polish is dark green from Ellen Betrix and the colour is called ‘Absolute Green’. Well, green it sure is. I had this bottle for aaaaaaaaaaaages and just recently discovered it deep down tucked away in a closet. The advantages of tidying up. You find stuff you didn’t even know you (still) had, like lots of bottles of unused nail polish. ToesAaah, that’s better. I don’t even know if the brand Ellen Beatrix still exists, do you?
Short sleevesThe weather forecast predicts rain and it is a bit chilly. Too chilly for short sleeves. Bummer. Must go upstairs and change into something warmer.
Grape hyacinthsYesterday I have planted some flower bulbs into pots. I have also tried to plant some bulbs in the garden but the soil was too hard. We need a bit of rain to soften it.
Now, I have been very efficient if I may say so myself, as I have planted the grape hyacinths (blauwe druifjes in Dutch) in the blue pots and the narcissuses in the yellow ones. Clever, ha? Yeah, I am not just a pretty face, you know … :-p
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGI’ll leave these pots in the garage, because they need some coldness and as soon as the green stems come up they are allowed in the house. I still have plenty of bulbs left and I am planning to plant these in October. Ow, I can’t wait for that smell of hyacinths!
Grape leaf But have a look at this grape leaf. Isn’t Autumn pretty?

Bye for now! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS: It’s raining now, and I see lightning and I hear thunder! Maybe tomorrow some tulip and narcissus bulbs into the ground?

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