Outdoors and indoors

SAMSUNG SAMSUNGThese days, when I walk into the garden, I come back to the house with my hands full. Every day I have a bowl filled with walnuts. This is not such a good walnut-year, I’m afraid, as the nuts are rather small. But we’re so lucky with the dry weather and the sunshine. Dry weather means dry walnuts. They taste so much better when they are dry! So, whenever I can I walk into the garden and collect some. Soon a bowl won’t be enough, then we need buckets.
Have you noticed the sunshine on the nuts? That light, it looks like these walnuts are made of gold.
PipAlthough the weather was great this weekend, I did spent some time indoors. As Pip slept on my BBB-bag, I continued with my new project. It goes ever so fast and to my own surprise I’m starting to like these colours. A bit.
Car blanketThe aqua (top row) matches very well with the sea-green and the blanket looks so much softer with these tones. It can take a while before I like what I’m making, it sometimes needs a few rows before I like what I see. The overall picture, sort of speak. And although aqua and teal are not my favourite colours I do like the way this blanket turns out.
BTW: it’s too big for my car, I’ve measured it again, so I have to fold up the whole lot when placing it on the backseat. Or I must buy a bigger car …
Car blanketI was planning to hook ten rows a day on this blanky so it’ll be finished in about fourteen days, with the edging. But I have other things to do as well. / Cleaning the house. I should find a routine for that. Making a schedule. Yeah, right. / Studying. I have an exam in November and I want to pass that exam the first attempt. / Going (yesterday) with my parents to the Alzheimer Café. That Alzheimer is such a weird disease. My Dad can’t articulate a proper sentence, but he can sing all the songs that the musical duo Duo Buitengewoon sang. So maybe we should always sing when trying to communicate with someone who has Alzheimer’s.
Yarn-endsIn the evening there was a moment for some hooky-stuff. It does getting a bit chillier in the evenings, Autumn is definitely on its way. Now, naturally there is no better place for some hooky-stuff then the comfort of my bed. As you can see I do not need a hot water bottle to keep my feet warm. I have a cat.

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2 Responses to Outdoors and indoors

  1. Must be wonderful to have a walnut tree in your garden. I love walnuts!

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