The day

WalnutsHarvest of the day::
A bowl of walnuts. Some of them are very tiny, but still, they taste very nice.
EmmyWalk of the day::
A stroll with my neighbour and her little dog Emmy. Emmy is lovely, but this week she has been a bit naughty as she pulled down my neighbour on to the street and she had a nasty fall.
We walked on the dyke behind our houses as the sun was shining, Emmy was happy -and ignoring the fact she had injured her boss- and my neighbour and I got some exercise. I finally walked! Something I planned to do earlier this week. Ah well, what can I say?
SAMSUNGKorenbloemFlower of the day::
I just love, love, love cornflowers. That lilac colour is so pretty. I never get enough of them.
basketBasketsDIY of the day::
I’ve painted a basket yesterday in light blue. Today it got another coat of paint and I decided to paint my little basket -aka the Bree Van De Kamp-basket– also. On Sunday they’ll get the last coat of paint. I use the little one for home-baked cookies, with a napkin on the bottom and a satin bow on the handle. Yes, very Bree Van De Kamp indeed.
Car blanketCrochet of the day::
I’ve start another project. Yay, I finally know what to do with all that aqua and teal! Yes, I know I should finish my other projects first. Now I have a good excuse, as this is going to be the fastest blanket I’ve ever made as it is going to be a small one. It’s for my car, you see, it’s for the back seat. I have a small car so the blanket shall be about one by one meter. I didn’t even count the stitches for the starting chain, I just sat in my car at the front seat and measured it now and again.

Have a lovely weekend!

Edit to add: I am so glad friend M knows flowers. The flowers in this blogpost aren’t  cornflowers but wild chicory. I love, love wild chicory. 🙂

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4 Responses to The day

  1. Wilma says:

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Manon says:

    Lieverd, dat zijn geen korenbloemen. Maar wilde cichorei. Fijn weekend.

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