Ordinary weekdays

29 gradenI can’t get over the weather we’re having this month. Yesterday the outside thermometer told me it was 24 degrees, today it is even warmer, 29 degrees. 29! In September ?!?! Marvelous weather it is. When it’s September and the leaves start to fall I get in that Autumn-mood. I get restless. I feel uncomfortable. Unhappy. Gloomy. Uneasy, very uneasy indeed. It’s that transition from one season to another, I think, and I know that it gets to me. I find it hard to start doing something, to take action. I have enough plans in my head, but that first step to actually dó it … pfff … But I’ll be fine, I know I will.
leafNow, Summer isn’t over yet but it is also still no real Autumn. But I want to wear my corduroy trousers. I love corduroy, it gives me that ultimate warm country living feeling. I should have been born at the English countryside, in one of those big landhouses with horses and lots of big dogs. Well, I dó have a waxcoat …
But with these temperatures I get all confused, I still can wear my flowery Summer dresses and flip-flops.                AS – IT – IS -29 -DEGREES – OUTSIDE.
SAMSUNGAutumn also means in our garden: walnuts. We already pick up the first fallen walnuts, waaaaay too early, at least three weeks. Now, they taste very nice as they are dry. Last year we had 100 kilos of walnuts from our two trees but as we had a wet October they didn’t taste the way they should. A bit mouldy. This will be a better walnut-year, I hope.
RosesThe sun made me decide to be a bit of a spender and I bought some flowers at the supermarket. Roses this time. Little yellow roses. Like twenty mini-suns.Twenty for two euros. When I got home I noticed one rose was broken and one rose was missing. I only had the stem. Ah well. The rest of them I divided in two old mugs, and look how cheerful that is on the table.
The broken one I put in a tiny glass. Lovely. Every time I pass these flowers and look at them I am happy. You see, I am feeling better already.yellow rosesUnfortunately roses don’t do very well in our living room. Maybe it’s too dark (K, cut that damn chestnut tree!), as this morning already one rose decided to give it up. Naughty rose. Or maybe we have bad vibes in the house. It’s an old house you know -200 years-, maybe someone who died in here didn’t like roses at all and cursed our house (yes, my imagination is making overtime, I need to go out more often).

crochet in the sunA bit of idle hooky-stuff in the sun. I sit here on the right (or left, that depends from your point of view) side of our house. The lavender is almost ceased blossoming, but there are still a few going strong. Lavender dryI don’t often sit here, but now in September the sun is more present at this site of the house. And there are still some flowers blooming.
PipAs always Pippi keeps me company, she follows me wherever I go. Bless her. She is so sweet, my 14 year-old best little furry girlfriend.
I wanted to make a quick crochet thingy, and decided to make a cozy for a tin. I made a chain first, then four rows of dc’s (sc in US) and 4 rows in light blue are half trebles (hdc in US-terms) and 4 rows in trebles (in US: dc). The last blue row is in dc, then a row in cream in dc plus a shell edging (htr, tr, htr, skip one, 1 sl st, skip one, htr, tr, htr, etc.). At all rows I crocheted in back loops only.SAMSUNGThat’s all. Of course I had to make a flower and a leaf next. Simple as that, easy-peasy. And it’s already in use on my desk. I’d never made a cozy with cotton before and I think it worked out really nice. Must do that again sometime.
SAMSUNG Have a nice day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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