Eight legs

I made a key-ring. Now it’s entirely to blame K that I made this silly key-ring as I couldn’t sleep last night. And when I can’t sleep my creative mind makes overtime. So what happened, you might wonder?
SAMSUNGYesterday-evening, when were both in bed, watching tv and crocheting a bit (me), I saw in the corner of my eye a black spot, moving rapidly. Now black moving spots can only mean one thing. A HUUUUGE big black spider, aka Herman, with the size of a doormat, ran towards me and disappeared under the bed. My friend M knows what kind of sizes Hermans (and Harries) do tend to have, she can confirm they are  big. Do go ask her if you don’t believe me. I screamed. K,  A BIG SPIDEERRRRR!!! K, totally ignoring the fact that he is the alpha-male here, didn’t move an inch, he only laughed. Big mistake. I screamed louder. Now that did the trick, because I can scream when needed.
KILL it!! or  …. Well, finally K got up, and looked under the bed. He didn’t see it. I most certainly did! Herman sat next to my Country Living, on MY site of the bed, waiting for a big smack on the head. K slapped it and missed. Herman ran. And we had no idea where it went. Now, that worried me. The thought that there is this HUGE spider in my bedroom, somewhere, keeps me away from a good night sleep. Shock HorRoR. And so, wide awake and trying to locate creeping legs, all eight of them, I was thinking about crochet and that I wanted to make something small, something with no use what so ever, or just for fun. A decoration to hang on the toilet-door. Or a key-ring. With little bells in it.
keyringI must admit, it didn’t turned out the way I had in mind last night at 3 am, so I’ll make another one. But it was fun to make and it gave me the change to try my new Clover Amour crochet hook. It was very pleasant to work with it, although I haven’t noticed any difference with my elbow, but that is probably too soon.
When I now use my keys I hear these little bells tinkling away. Tinkle, tinkle … It was just something new I tried and I have to improve it. I am already working on that. And then I shall  write down a tutorial for you in case you want to make one yourself.
SAMSUNGHerman is still out there. I just know he is. My bedroom should be my safe haven and he is spoiling that for me. But as I am home alone the next couple of days I am prepared. I have the Hoover ready for Herman. Keeping me away from my sleep. Little creep.
SAMSUNGHave a nice and sunny day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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2 Responses to Eight legs

  1. Here in the Uk there is a saying “If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.” Couldn’t you catch it and put it outside? A glass and a piece of card is a good way. Spider keep the population of insects like flies down.

  2. corine24 says:

    Yes, I know, but the spider ran so fast we couldn’t catch it. I love, love animals, but sorry, not spiders. And I have no idea where it is now, I hope it went outside … 🙂

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