Weekend eleven

blue sky# 1:  The weekend started with a perfect blue sky.
Apples with cinnamonApple sauce# 2: I made apple sauce as I had to start processing those apples in the cellar. Already I had to throw away a few mouldy apples, so haste is necessary. And ow, the smell of these apples with cinnamon on the stove, hmmm ….
My recipe? Apples, cinnamon and a splash of water. That’s all.
Study# 3: I had to study. I must say, I had lost the ‘rhythm’ of studying a bit and my ‘mojo’, but it’s coming back slowly. I am glad about that.
Red peppers# 4: I discovered that my red-hot pepper seeds had grown and …. there are some peppers! Still green, but you never know, one day they’ll be red.
Orange roses# 5: There are still roses and rosebuds in the garden. This one is warm orange and oh so pretty.
K in tree# 6: K removed some branches. We now have so much more light on the terrace, and in the kitchen. I want him to cut the chestnut tree as well, as that one takes so much light away in the living room. That tree -although very lovely- has no chesnuts at all, so what’s the point of having it? It has to go.
SAMSUNG # 7: There was time to work on my BBB. The colours are a bit too dark on this pic, but I am so pleased how it all turned out after all that doubt. The Bright BB has to wait a bit I’m afraid, as I want this finish this BBB first. And I still have to finish two other blankets. Plus I have a mini-project at hand, so Busy, Busy, Busy …
SAMSUNG# 8: I brought back yarn to the shop, (yes, I found a receipt from yarn I didn’t need!) and so I had money for a decent yarn hook. This one is a Clover amour 3mm. I wanted a 4mm, but the V&D didn’t have any. I also use 3mm a lot, therefore I’ll give this one a go. Hopefully my tennis elbow will get better when using this hook.
Appeltaart# 9: I had some time to bake. I made cookies and an apple pie. The cookies are darker than usual because I used dark brown caster sugar and lots of cookie-spieces.
Cookies not baked yetThey are absolutely scrumptious and delicious and they have Autumn-ish flavour I love so much. Yummy in my tummy.
Amsterdam# 10: A street in Amsterdam. On Sunday morning. Amsterdam is slowly waking up ….
blue sky# 11: The weekend also ended with great weather. We ate outside, something I am planning to do when it’s possible. The leaves on the chestnut tree are becoming brown and sad already, but the sky is still Summer-blue.


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