In doubt …

Sigh … a deep, deep, very deep, coming out of my toes deep sigh …
It’s not working. These bright colours for my BrightBedBlanket, so far not working the way I want it to work.
lunchYesterday, after my lunch outside in the sun I finished both big squares. One with blue and denim (not so bad) and the other with raspberry, pink and dark purple. The blue version I liked but the other one … o my … I really counld’t make up my mind what to think about it.
Big squareNow, I love that deep dark purple so very, very much. But not with the bright pink. The two greens with that light pink and lilac. Oooh, beautiful. And suddenly I knew what to do. Make a blanket in the colours that’ll make my heart really jump of ecstasy. A blanket with denim blue, sand beige, deep purple, light blue. Green. O yes, lots of green. A bit of raspberry even, for that frisky look.
ripple on sofaCALMy two favorite blankets so far are my CAL-blanket and my ripple. Now why is that? Because I like these colours So MUcH. My CAL is mainly green, heath and blue (click on the pic if you like a better look), and it was such a pleasure to see that blanket grow. On the other hand, do I want every blanket to be in the same colours. Naaahh … Now thát would be boring.
Two squaresBack to my two little big squares. These two together are going to be the smallest pillow ever. It might look nice in my car.SAMSUNGOr the biggest pin cushion in the world. FYI, it’s 22 x 22 centimeters. Oh, this looks rather cute, eh, if I may say so myself. And with the right light it looks very Summer-ish. Happy. Cheerful. Joyous.  Colourful. And Pretty.SAMSUNGNow have a look at that blue below. It looks calm and pretty. But also a bit boring, maybe? Dull? Dreary? And most of all: Safe?SAMSUNGI am in doubt so much. Doubter is my middle name. There is Dutch word for people like me: twijfelkont (roughly translated: doubt-bum). And I really, really do want to make a blanket with bright colours. Maybe I should make a couple more big squares to see the big picture before I decided what to do. And maybe the bright blanket will be perfect for the spare bedroom. You know what, I’ll just give it another go. What the heck, why not. I shouldn’t give up so easily.

New colours BBBAnd so I made a new BBB-bag. Almost every colour was allowed to come back in the bag except for the screaming pink. That had to go. And I added very light yellow (next to the lilac), although I am not sure if I am going to use it. The warm yellow and warm orange were also allowed to stay and I added some salmon-ish yarn (bottom right).
I also made another BBB-bag, with those greens, dark purples and blues I love so much. And, yes, with raspberry as well. It brightens up the whole lot. What do you think? (the green on the top row is not thát bright, but it was hard to take decent pictures with all that sunshine.)
BBB colours softIt’s all about personal taste and preference, of course, but I wonder what you prefer. This one ….
Squareor this one:
SquareHave you spotted I made the little squares one row bigger?

Well, I really do need a break after all this gibberish talking. What a chaotic blog post this turned out to be. Sorry, peeps, will try to do better next time. Must have some lunch now and a very big cup of coffee. De-caffed is probably a good idea.
A breakBrightBedBlanket … to be continued …

Have a nice day!

PS: But that little cushion is really cute, isn’t it? I have stuffed it with my cut off yarn-ends (the jar is empty now!), and with old stockings that had holes in it. Washed, of course, and then I’d cut them into  little pieces.
Haven’t decided yet if this cushion is going to be a tiny car cushion or a pincushion ….

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2 Responses to In doubt …

  1. Wilma says:

    Well, twijfelkont. The pink one is for in the spring and the other one in the autumn. The perfect solution I think!

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