BBB … (bright bed blanket)

Hello! What a nice day it is today. The sun is shining, I already had my first cappuccino, and I have a new crochet-project in my basket.
blue sky Have a look at this sky. Pretty blue, isn’t it? This is at the front of no. 24. Where the grapes grow. grapesAnd where the white roses grow. They’re nearly done, but they are still trying. With this sunshine it’s not easy to take proper photos, but I’m not complaining. The sun shines!rosesPippi is also enjoying the September sunbeam in front of a warm window. Life is good when you are a cat.
PippiYesterday I have started another blanket; I had to as Daan used my Country Blanket-basket for a rest. What’s new? It is a good thing I have so much baskets.DaanAbout my new blanket, it’s in bright colours. Well, they are bright for me. I got the inspiration for this blanket from Lucy’s BB, and although I love her blanket, the colours she uses are a bit too much for me. I did try it but it was just not working. Nope, I needed something else. However, as I want to -and must- work with the yarn I have in the house, I will try some of my outspoken colours this time. After lots and lots of consideration, swopping balls in and out of the bag, doubting and thinking and mixing and matching I came up with this selection. And as always, it is a mix of several brands of acrylic. Ow, I am longing for the day I can buy yarn from OnE and the SaME brand for OnE project. That soft Baby Merino is what I want. Or something similar like that. But that day hasn’t arrived yet so this is what I have in my big bag right now:
Yarn for bed blanketWhat do you think? Do you like it? Should I add more colours, or not? And look, it has yellow and red in it, which I find rather awkward colours to use. But even I am surprised about this combination. It looks okay so far. Yep, I am happy with it. Now this square was my first try.
square As you can see the only constant factor in this square are the two blue rows at the end. But I need more constant factors, to keep the blanket quiet as it is for our bedroom, so I tried something else. SAMSUNGLike Lucy I now used two colours for the last rows. I have chosen for light blue and denim, and light green (apple by Pato Cygnet) and dark green (Holly green by Hobbytime). For some reason I always end up with green. I love green. It never lets me down. But .. I am not there yet. The big border is in raspberry and I’ll have to add two more rows to it. Must now figure out which colours to use as I’ll continue that for the rest of the BBB. Playing with colours is so much fun, but can also be hard work to get it right. To get it the way I want and the way I like. Often, when I work on something I suddenly see a new combination of colours arise aka a new project. recognizable?
Off I go now, must pick some grapes, and do some hooky-work.

Have a nice day!


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2 Responses to BBB … (bright bed blanket)

  1. Those colours work wonderfully together, and I prefer the combination to Lucy’s. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket…

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you so much!

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