A few things …

that  makes me happy ♥ today :
Yarn in basket Twelve balls of yarn in my basket. This is going to be the softest blanket I made so far and it’s all for me. Yep, I’ll keep this one myself. I am not going to sell it. All of my other blankets are for sale in my Etsy-shop -except K’s ripple, of course-, but this time I am going to be selfish and keep it aaaaall to myself. It’s all lovely Cygnet in this basket, except the salmon (top row, 2nd from the right) and the green (bottom left). Those two are from the brand Annell Rapido, and that yarn is só soft. So far my favourite yarn to work with, but maybe Cygnet will push Annell to second place. I have no idea how big this blanket is going to be, as I just finish the blanket with yarn I have in the house.  Ow yes, my yarn-diet is strict. Very strict indeed. And as my yarn-diet will last the rest of the year (and most probably the next year) I must plan my projects carefully. Thou salt not buy new yarn, is my mantra.
BTW: Have you noticed I even have added red (cranberry) in the basket? It looks rather happy in between the lime and the mulberry mix, don’t you agree?
Corine's blanketFood that grows in the garden. Pears and blue grapes. The grapes grow at the front of our house. We have white walls and when the sun shines it can be very hot at the front. Which is good for the grapes. They are sweet and delicious.
SAMSUNGI love that our garden provides us with fresh food. We have a little pear tree, but it gives us plenty of pears, almost every year. And 2014 is a good pear-year.
SAMSUNG It is a pity the tomatoes failed, again, but we still have all that fruit. And a cellar full of jam. I give a many jars away to neighbours and family and so far I only got positive comments. Yes, it’s yummy jam!
The pears are very hard, they are cooking-pears and I cook them with lots of cinnamon. It gives the pears that Autumn-taste I like. Sometimes I add a bit of red wine in the pan, when we have a bottle open. When the pears are still warm they taste delicious with some yoghurt and chopped walnuts (also from our own garden!).

  The lasts Summer flowers. They are bright luscious pink flowers and I haven’t got a clue what they are called. So if you know, please let me know.
flowers That last piece of my homemade apple-pie with a nice cappuccino. Just love to bake cakes with apples from our neighbours garden. (the light on this photo is not very good, sorry, as I took it in the bedroom)
Cappuccino on bedAs I have mentioned before, I live in the fruit-area of The Netherlands, very near to the Betuwe. This is also the reason I buy only Dutch fruit. I believe in supporting the fruit-farmers in our own area. But first we eat our own little treasures. Preferably in a pie.


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4 Responses to A few things …

  1. Mal says:

    Hello, I like your pretty blog. The flower is a Lavatera in the UK. (I found you via comments on Attic 24) Shall get back to the current blanket now. M

  2. BellaKarma says:

    Hello Corine!
    I discovered your blog the other day via Flickr and immediately added it to my blog reader! I love your creative style, the peek you share of your life in the Netherlands and the friendly, conversational tone of how you write! So happy I clicked on your link. 🙂

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