Busy weekend

zaterdagochtend-2014-09-06First of all: ThaNk YoU ALL so much for your kind words and compliments regarding my ripple blanket. It made me blush, and humble, and it is very much appreciated. So thank you, thank you, thank you. The roses in this blog are especially for you.

Another weekend has passed. It started with nice weather, nice weather indeed as we had lots of sunshine, the latest Country Homes & Interiors and a cappuccino. You see that red hooky-thing on the table? I started that in the train on Friday. I have no idea what it’s going to be yet, as I just wanted to crochet something in the train. It might going to be a cushion cover, but I am not sure yet. When finishing a big project I never know what to make next, although I still have a couple of WiP’s in several bags an baskets.
Anyway, Saturday involved some baking. Of course. As we have lots of apples I decided to bake an apple pie. And it’s yummy. This time of the year we always eat apple pie a lot …
applepie-2014-09-07On Sunday we went to Utrecht. Ow, good ol’ Utrecht, how I miss thee …
SAMSUNGStadskasteelFlowersrosesSAMSUNG Aren’t these flowers amazing? I wanted them sooooo bad, but I didn’t buy any. You can’t walk around with flowers all day, they’ll be sad and floppy by the time you get home. On our way home, later that day, I hoped very much the florist was still there but he’d already gone, unfortunately.
tea potThe centre of Utrecht looks a bit like a building site at the moment. They are renewing the Central Station and Hoog Catherijne, the shopping centre. So it is a bit of a mess here and there.  And yes, there is a tea pot on the roof. Why not?
SAMSUNGAnd this public urinal has one of Miffy’s friend on top of it. Afterall, Utrecht is the city of Nijntje (Miffy), remember? She even has her own little square.
Nijntje pleintjeA couple of times a year Utrecht has Cultural Sundays. This means there’s a lot going on in the city. On this Sunday there was more to do and to see as usual as it was combined with the book-event Manuscripta and the Uitfeest. That last one means it is the start of the cultural season. And it was fun!
We bumped it to Orchestre Bicyclette , an orchestra that wants to become the biggest orchestra on bikes ever. Btw: they are still looking for new members (Bliksem!)!
SAMSUNGOne of them rode on a wooden bike while making music. Wooden bikeNow, that was even new for me.
We went to the new Music-centre Tivoli were we attend a mini violinist-concert, and we saw some old music instruments. Tivoli used to be Vredenburg, but it is completely re-build and renewed. And it so big!
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNG On Neude we watched a salsa-class demo -we had just missed the tango dancing, bummer- and Boom Basstic gave an amazing show with drums and other instruments. If only you could feel the atmosphere on that square! I’ll try to upload a short film (made with my mobile) on my Facebook page.
SAMSUNGAt grand cafe De Winkel van Sinkel we had a cappuccino in the sun (it was hot!) and a lovely view. It is always so much fun to look at people passing by, don’t you agree? You know, looking at men wearing red leggings.
SAMSUNGWinkel van SinkelIf you ever go to Utrecht I can recommend the Winkel van Sinkel. It’s a very nice monumental building. Well, weekend is over, I need a rest now. I wouldn’t mind to sit down for a bit.
chairBye for now …


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