Finished …. :: Ripple blanket!

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHi, how are you today?

You might have guessed it: today is the day, o yes, I have finished my Ocean-and-Beach-ripple-blanket!! Whoohoo!!
It took me quite a while to finish this blanket as I had a sore arm, and lots of other in-between-projects to do. Like my cafetière cozy and my colourful granny stripes blanket.
Crochet timeThis ripple I started on the 23rd of May (my little nieces -aka Bliksem– birthday). The beginning of the blanket gave me lots of struggles as I wasn’t too happy with the colours at first. The aqua waaaaayyyy too bright, not my style. The.Aqua.Has.Got.To.Go.

Wrong combination.

Wrong combination.

And so I started again. Much better. The green of this pic below is from Annell Rapido. It’s acrylic but one of the soft kind, it is really oh so soft. It feels like cream in your hands, it is a delight to work with Annell.
Nieuwe kleuren ocean rippleYep, much better that is.
Ripple 45 cmI have used a pattern from this book, called “100 granny squares” by Leonie Morgan. The English title is “100 colorful granny squares to crochet”. Now, due to copyright issues I cannot give you the pattern, but the pattern I have used is the rainbow in stripes. In my Dutch edition you can find this on pages 90 and 91. It truly is a lovely book and what I like about it is that it has both written explanations and diagrams of the granny’s and ripples. I am a very visual person and I like these diagrams.
100 ganny squaresThe edging I came up myself. There are only two rows and it’s very easy to do. In ever space on the end of each row I crochet two trebles (US: dc/NL: stokje).
Ripple edging 2014-09-05 11.25.05Ripple edge1In the corner I made 2tr, 2 chains, 2tr. The second and final (!) row I made in dc’s (US:sc/NL: vasten). In those corner I made 2 dc’s, 2 chains, 2 dc’s. Make sure you don’t turn your work when making edging like this on a blanket.
So, I am now ready to show you my blanket, as I am an itsy bitsy proud of it. Yes, I sure am. I mean, I started with crochet in November 2013 and now I have made my fifth big blanket.
ripple finishedripple on sofaripple on chair

Some facts:
Measurements: 130 cm x 177 cm.
Stripes: 73.
Rows: 146.
How much yarn I used: To be honest, I haven’t got the slightest idea. Forget to write it down. Sorry …
Costs per ball: It varies, from €1,50 to £1.89. I have used several brands, bought both in The Netherlands and the UK: Annell Rapido, Pingouin, Fab Paton (I think), …
Total costs: I think about 20 euro’s. So, a bargain!
Time: Started on May 23rd and finished it on 5th of September.
SAMSUNGAnd the ultimate test: is the blanket big enough for K?
ripple KYeeeeesssssss!!!!
Okay, one last photo. Because I know you want to see it. And because I so happy the pappy with it and utterly proud. Ta dahhhhhh!!ripple finished1Now, I know I should have a taken a selfie with it like other hookers do but as I had just washed my hair and as I look a bit scruffy at the moment, I am not going to. Maybe later. When my hair is dry. When I have some make-up on. 🙂

Enjoy your day

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7 Responses to Finished …. :: Ripple blanket!

  1. Anne says:

    What a lovely blanket! It does remind me of the sea indeed! It must be very cuddly 🙂
    Take care

  2. Your blanket is beautiful and remaids thholidays and the sea ! Have a nice day !

  3. Lovely blanket. The ocean and beach theme just calls for ripples doesn’t it!

  4. corine24 says:

    Thank you so much all! x

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