Flower happiness

      SAMSUNGHello! Are you also enjoying those extra Summer days? I most certainly am. Yesterday afternoon I needed to do some grocery-shopping, nothing special really. But lately, when I am in a supermarket I pay attention. I am looking for flower bulbs. And guess what, yesterday was my lucky day. They had flower bulbs, and they were on sale.
BulbsSo I bought a few packets. The Anemone mix and the Tulipa mix are from the supermarket, the Muscari is from the garden centre.  That bag has 100 bulbs. One hundred! I love those little blue flowers, they look like tiny bells.
SAMSUNGI asked the saleslady if I could put these bulbs in a bowl and she said I could. But they want and need a bit of winter coldness first, she said, so I’ll plant them and then leave them in the garage untill they show me their little stems. And then I’ll bring them into the house. For some Spring happiness. Spring? It is September now, better wait another month or so to plant them.
Blue paintThe paint I bought somewhere else. It’s for my basket and my chair. The colour is light-blue and oh lucky me, it was on sale, too, with a 50% discount.
Now, let me show off my three cyclamens. As a child I wasn’t very fond of these, I thought they we a bit old-fashioned. Granny plants, you know what I mean? Bet you do.
But look at these vibrant colours! That deep dark red is amazing, and look at that pink. O my, this you can call colour, but the dark red is far out my favourite.
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGI want one in the bedroom, but I don’t have a proper pot that fits. These babies deserve the best of the best so a trip to the second-hand-shop is needed.
This flower below is one of the last that survived the rain we had those last couple of weeks. Very pretty. I don’t know what the name of the flower is, but it looks a bit like a violet.
MugBtw: what do you think about this new 2nd-hand (only 50 cents) beauty? This huge cup is from the designer Jet ter Steege. Go have a look at her website, she makes very lovely tea towels and china and mugs and so much more. LOve It. I am about to start to be a mug-o-holic, but I just cannot resist beautiful mugs that only cost 25 or 50 cents.
SAMSUNGThe garden gives signs about the coming change of the season. Leaves on the ground.
SAMSUNG I find walnuts. Way too early ….
WalnutsHave you noticed the sunshine on the photos? Let’s have a look at the sky. Blue as .., as what? As a hot Summer day. ANd ow, there is the Royal Airforce, it is flying it Apache helicopters. We live close to a river and the RA thinks that that is the perfect spot for their flying sessions. Well, they make an awful lot of noise.
ApacheBut I ignore them. I am just happy with my nearly finished ripple-blanket, my cappuccino in my new cup and the sun.
SAMSUNGHave a nice day!

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