Summer days

Oow, it looks like Summer gets a second chance.  After all that rain the sun decided to come back. Lucky me.
SAMSUNG a bit of hooky time on the terrace and a cappuccino in my new 2nd-hand PiP-cup. And the taste of my last home-baked cookie. Must bake a new load as we don’t have any cookies in the house anymore. Bad housewife I am.
My ripple is nearly finished and I must admit: I am longing to the end of this project. Not that I don’t like my ripples -I very much do so- but another project is already waiting for me. And another. I have so many ideas and projects in my head, lots and lots of things I want to make and do. And it doesn’t only involve crochet. Nope, it doesn’t.
I the company of Daan, who is totally in  with my yarn-bag. It really doesn’t matter where I put it, he monopolises it. Silly cat. Bless him.
Daan in bag these September Summer days. Now don’t let these clouds fool you as it’s nice and warm in the garden, I it! Later that afternoon the sky was blue. Bliss.
WarmGrapes our grapes, like every year. I picked some and gave them to our neighbour. And then she asked if I wanted a cup of tea, so we had a little chat, some tea, and I got some cuddles from her little dog, called Emmy. Emmy is lovely. She moved in our street back in April and she is a real pleasure. Should take a photo of her.
Flowers my flowers in my crochet cozy jar, these are cut from my chrysanthemum. And I added a little sprig of impatience. I have noticed that the leaves on this jar look like a moustache. That wasn’t the intention. Hmm …
Bed my bed, were I have some more hooky business, only ten stripes to go, and with Pippi sleeping on my ankle, silly lady. More bliss. I can’t move, otherwise she’ll wake up. Yeah, I know.

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