Last weekend of August

Can you believe it? It was the last weekend of August. I have to flip over the page on my calendar, again, and we’re in week 36 now. Wow. Almost Autumn.
SeptemberIt has rained a lot in August, and what I usually enjoy when it is that kind of weather is just to crawl onto my bed, with a book, my crochet-bag and to wear my pj’s. I have actually bought a new pair. With an adorable flowerpattern. But … I have washed it and it shrank. Luckily I have short legs.
PyjamabroekBut it is still Summer, I should be outside, in the garden instead of cocooning in the bedroom. It’s too early in the season to do that.
Blanket It got better on Friday night. There was that sudden sunshine on my blanket (not to self: must really clean those windows soon).
It has been a busy weekend. We got up on time because we had lots of things to do, both indoors and outdoors.
I baked cookies, and used the recipe that never fails. I’ve tried different recipes but this one never lets me down. It comes from an old cookbook I have. Must write it down for you one day. I had a few raisins left and I added them with the last load. They were yummy.
CookiesWe picked apples in the neighbours garden, like we do every year. The apples are earlier this year, ‘thanks’ (not) to the funny and unpredictable weather. In the top of the trees there are still al lot of apples, with a beautiful red skin, but they are growing too high for us. Even with our stepladder we couldn’t reach them. It is always such a pity when you can’t reach those apples. A well, the birds can eat them.SAMSUNGSAMSUNGWe didn’t have that many as last year but still it is hard to walk into the cellar at the moment ;-). And it smells delicious in our little cellar right now. Apples! And ow, I do like the smell of applesauce with cinnamon on the stove, apple-pie in the oven, because that is where they’ll end.SAMSUNG ApplesAfter we got back from the party I needed to do some idle hooking. I made a little jar cozy from some left over blended yarn I got from my Mum. It’s very soft yarn, and my mother thinks it’s Katia merino, but she isn’t sure. Never mind, it’s such a pleasure to crochet with this yarn. (sorry, the light is not very good on this pic)
Jar cozyI finished it the next day and added a flower and two leafs to it. Now it only needs some real flowers in it. It is very easy to make a jar cozy like this. I started with a chain and closed it to a ring. Then I made nine rounds of trebles (that is double crochets in USA-terms), one round of half trebles (USA: hdc) and I made a shell-edging. Very simple indeed.
Jar cozyOn Sunday we drove to Amsterdam and Enkhuizen. I took these photos while K was driving. Doesn’t the sky look amazing? These clouds looked so fluffy and pretty.SAMSUNG SAMSUNG  And yes, again sunshine! Summer doesn’t give up yet. Good girl.SAMSUNG K drops me off in Amsterdam and as I am too early for my appointment I walk around a bit. Amsterdam is both a messy as a beautiful city, and as always the architecture is amazing, especially the houses on the canals (in Dutch: grachten).SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNGWhen I got home at 5pm I made a quick Senseo, I took my crochet-bag and headed upstairs. I was tired. I am just not used to be so active anymore, I’m afraid.
This Monday morning it really hit me: must start with ordinary daily life now. Must open my studybooks and do ordinary life duties. You know. Real life. With a cappuccino and a home-baked cookie. Mjum.

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