Big boxes ….

SAMSUNG   Before K and I went to Leicester two big boxes were delivered (you can see on the box it was raining). I almost jumped of excitement as I knew what was in them. Because these boxes were for me.
Computer Let’s say it was my birthday slash anniversary-present for the next five years or so. Can you guess what it is? Well, if not, let me show you. Lots of different parts, a ‘construction box’, really. But I have a man who knows how to build things ……ComputerOh yes, this is definitely a TaDaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh-moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a new computer!!!!
Nieuwe computerIsn’t she a beauty? Now I can write stories and blog posts without saying very bad words to my laptop, when it refuges to do what I want. It’s like a whole new world. ;-). It is such an utter delight to work on this machine. I no longer have to wait ten minutes after starting the laptop before I can do something. Now, when writing on this NeW ComPuTer, Word doesn’t shutdown spontaneously anymore, there’s no jamming of the keyboard, everything works. Whoohoo!!

Bye for now, must work on my story. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS: That kitten on the monitor is Daan on the day I met him, about 6 weeks old, showing off (“Look, I can climb in a tree.”)


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3 Responses to Big boxes ….

  1. Wilma says:

    “She” is beautiful!

  2. Liz says:

    Yes. She is beautiful!
    Happy :developer:!

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