Yarntastic ….!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post I made up for the-not-spending-any-money-day as I bought … YARN! (Now, let’s not talk about my yarn-diet, as that would spoil so much fun. And I did bring back lots of yarn, didn’t I?) I finally found a shop in Leicester that sold yarn. Totally by surprise, really. It was in one of those everything-for-a-pound-shops. In Leicester you have Poundworld, Poundland, Poundtastic and a shop called Only 99p. The shop were I bought this yarn was called Poundtastic. This shop has the size of a stamp, but it has quite a good collection of yarn for reasonable prices. When you visit Leicester and want to do some yarnshopping, go to Market Place where the Leicester market is. The shop  is in that street, and don’t forget to bring cash as you can only pay with cash. I had to run to a bank to get some money. This bank didn’t accept my card. More running to another bank (I didn’t gain any weight in Leicester). By the way, don’t let the name of the shop fool you, as not one of the balls costed only one pound. If only …
There were a few balls for 99p though, but they were the ugly kind. enormous bright colours, with glitters in it. The shop-owner advertises with ‘knittingwool for only 99p!‘ on the window. Clever man. It worked as I jumped for joy when I saw that sign and skipped into the store.
PoundtasticAnyway, let’s have a look at what I bought. It is from the brand Cygnet, a brand I had never heard of. I’ve never seen it in Holland and it’s an English brand, from Bradford. What I also like about these balls is that they have names. Yes, names and not just  numbers. Now, I wanted to buy some colours for a new project, so I wanted the colours to match a bit. And I wanted them to match with the yarn I already had. Ooow, look at these colours!
From left to right:
– Soft Coral – Bluebell – Lime – Mulberry Mix – Grape –
yarn CygnetPretty, aren’t they? That coral is absolutely amazing. If only I had  more money and a bigger suitcase. Well, the lack of a big suitcase didn’t stop me, really, and I got back to the shop the very next day. I bought other colours: – olive – cranberry -.
Olive and cranberryCranberryWhen I got back home I noticed the cranberry was a bit too bright for my taste, but I am going to use it anyway. On the photo it doesn’t look very bright but it is (the blur on the pic is Pip, who wants to be on every photo). It think it’ll be a nice addition to the other colours I am going to use.
This shop also sells Pato DK, and that is from Cygnet, too. From left to right:
– Denim – Apple – Saxe – (the photo is a bit overexposed, unfortunately)
♥ love, love, love the denim ♥
Pato DKPato DK is cheaper (£1.29, and has 298 meters) than Cygnet DK (£1.39 and also 298 m). The Cygnet aran was the most expensive one, £1.59 per ball (210 m). Both Cygnet aran and DK feel so soft, it is hard to believe it is acrylic. Pato is not so soft as Cygnet, but still very comfortable to work with. I know this because I already have tried it, with the denim.
Eerste grannyYes, this yarn must be used for a big, soft livingroom Autumn-Winter blanket, I decided. I will combine this Cygnet with yarn I have in my stash and I already came up with a pattern. My “English Country-blanket“. K already claimed it. I cannot wait to start with it, but I must first finish my granny squares-blanket.
SAMSUNGAnd my Ocean & Beach-ripple.
Daan op zondagWhich K also has claimed. Yeah, I know.


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9 Responses to Yarntastic ….!

  1. Liz says:

    Wow! Such pretty colors and a bargain at that! Yarn is expensive here in the states. I have been on a yarn diet for years only because yarn is expensive here in the States. There isn’t a place, here where I live, to shop for yarn. I usually buy online. I don’t like to do that. I like to touch and feel the yarn before I buy it. The colors look so differently online than they do in an actual store.
    Your blankets are lovely-I love the color combinations. It is comforting to see you little cats curled around and in your blankets.

  2. corine24 says:

    I know what you mean, Liz. I bought yarn on the Internet once, still haven’t used it (but will do so). I need to feel and touch it, too.

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