Back home

Ooow, it’s good to be back home again. To sleep in my own bed, to cuddle my own cats (Yes cats, as Daan is also back home. Again). There was plenty of mud on the duvet cover so sir Daan must have used our bed as cat basket.
DaanFriday was an easy day. We had a bit of a lie-in, as K brought home a cold with him and didnt feeling too well. And we were just plain tired. Travelling is, and can be, exhausting, even it is just a short trip from England to The Netherlands.
BlanketSo we unpacked, took it easy, and I enjoyed some ripple-blanket-hooky-time. Ahhh, I have missed my blanket. I have now crocheted 120 cm and fifty-two rows. If I do one stripe a day I’ll be finished with the blanket the end of September. Which is a good thing, as I have things planned for the next coming months and it doesn’t only involve crochet.
When I got my house key back from the neighbour who fed our little furry creatures while away, she told me there had been quite a bit of rain in the village. As if curtains dropped  from the sky, she told me. Oh, how lucky we have been with the weather in Leicester then!
Rain On Friday we stayed indoors. The weather wasn’t helping, so why not? We needed a bit of cocooning. But when I did walk into the garden in between showers and my heart almost sank.
Rotte tomaten SAMSUNG
My tomatoes! My paprika’s! #$%^&!!! I guess we have to buy our tomatoes at the shop this year. I am SO disappointed. Like last year the tomatoes are rotten. Next year I ReaLLy want, no NEED, a greenhouse. And maybe we must find another spot for the tomato plants. Our garden is big enough. Because this Is So Frustrating.
Luckily there is also still lots of beauty in the garden. Look at the Impatiens (or: balsam-weed), I do adore these pretty flowers. They come back every year, and every year it is a surprise which colours they are going to have.
Spuitbalsem SAMSUNG I know not everyone likes them for this reason. Once you have them in your garden they are hard to get rid of. But I want them to stay. On the photos you can see that we also had some sunshine in the weekend.
VlinderThe little butterfly can stay, too.
SAMSUNGFucsiaThe fuchsia is doing fine. It didn’t mind the overload of water, I guess.
When walking in the garden and taking photos it is not to be missed Autumn is on its way.
Walnoot One of the first walnuts, one of many to fall down. Last year we had hundred (!) kilo’s of walnuts. I wonder what this year will bring. But not yet. I want another month of Summer. Please.


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One Response to Back home

  1. Liz says:

    Oh, so sorry about your tomatoes and other plants. Yes, it must have been disheartening to see what the rain had done. Your garden must be lovely when if full bloom.

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