Leicester, days # 4 and 5

Wednesday, day 4 ::
SAMSUNGLook at my breakfast, I made pancakes. With a pancakemachine. Yes, there are machines that make pancakes. I want one of those machines at home. Press on the button, et voilà, pancakes. I got two mini ones, as I didn’t understand how to make the bigger version. Silly pancake-machine.

After breakfast I did the same as yesterday, I wen into town, for a walk and for some shopping. I actually had made a list. I needed felt and one of those embroidery scissors in the shape of a bird. But I didn’t remember the shop were I saw it on Monday. Ah, well, I have enough scissors as it is.
At W.H. Smith I bought a craft magazine, the Simply Homemade and it was a bit disappointing I must say. The purchase was a bit of a gamble as it was covered in plastic. I don’t like it when magazines are covered in plastic, I want to flip through them before I decide to buy them, or not. But these magazine-producers are not daft, of course. My magazine had a piece of fabric and some filling with it, so you can make something with that. It also had a templatesheet and that was the reason I bought it, really.
grannyIn the centre I was entertained by some ‘women’ on shopping trolleys. So much more fun than these ordinary walkers.
In the afternoon I went for a walk in the Castle Gardens. It wasn’t a long walk, as it was close to the hotel. I was glad about that as I could really feel my ankles aching. It is just that I am not used to walk this much anymore. (Note to myself:: must walk more when back home)

boatsLook at these boats, they are so narrow! I used to own a houseboat, I really miss living on the water…
I crossed the river and walked into the park. It is a lovely park, not big, but big enough for a nice walk.
gatecastle towerThe park had some pretty flowers, looks at these colours. This flower is actually orange but the sunlight was too (!) bright to take decent photos. Talking about the weather, I have been so lucky with it. It was dry all week, except on Monday afternoon when I was already in the hotel. And although it wasn’t always very warm, there was lots of sunshine. Lucky, lucky, lucky …. 🙂orangewall flowershistorypondThis pond was especially made for frogs and other little animals that like water.
SAMSUNGIt is all so green and luscious. How jealous I am at people who have a park nearby their house. You lucky people!
big redThis red flower was enormous. It was bigger than my hand. Well, maybe I have small hands, but still.
dahliaAnd some pretty dahlia’s too. They are so perfectly shaped and that colour. Amazing.

As K didn’t feel very well we decided not to go out for dinner. Instead we went to Tesco and bought some healthy food for a bed-picknick. Of course we bought waaaay too much and we ate only the sweet stuff. These toffee cheese cakes … O -M – G …. !!!
dinnerWe also ate the fruit K had bought at lunchtime. Lovely berries, all sorts.
mixed berriesThursday, last day ::
Today the pancakes were already waiting for me on a plate. I took one, added some syrup and enjoyed breakfast. The waiter tells me there’ll  be a power cut between 10 and 11am, so I shouldn’t be alarmed. He brings me a little candle just in case it all starts before 10 am. Preparation is everything. It feels a bit like X-mas-ish with all these tiny candles on the tables.
candleToday is the day of returning back home. Yet again, I am not looking forward to the flight, but I am happy to go home.
What I’ll miss from Leicester? Not a lot to be honest, although I had lovely few days. I love England, but what I mostly like about it is the countryside. And there isn’t much countryside in the middle of Leicester. But the parks are great (I want one at home, like Abbey Park, it’s fab!), I’ll miss the fact that you can walk to the centre of the city within two minutes and find some decent shops. The cafe’s were they serve huge cappuccino’s. Yes, those are things I’ll miss.
What I also like about Leicester are the flowers. I think it is great that a city, with bricks and concrete bring some flowers into the city. In almost every street I have seen flowers.
Big baskets with lots of red geraniums, and petunia’s in different colours. It brightens the world.
flowersflowersflowersThe suitcases were packed last night. How in the world did they become some heavy? Surely not from those few balls of yarn (24, oops ..), leftover Pringles (1), pots of Potnoodle (2), Country Living (1), one blouse I bought at the cancer research charity shop, packets of felt (2), packets of buttons and beads (6), one book and one Minnie Mouse shower cap?
ShowercapNaaaaah …. that can’t be it. It’ll remain a mystery forever, I think.
As I still have a few hours to kill before a taxi brings me to K’s office at 2.30pm I go into the city for a last walk. This time I walk to the area that is called The Lanes. I walk to Granby Street where I see some very majestic buildings. I want a closer look.
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGAi, not a very pretty sight this pic is. I’ll better continue my walk and go to the right. There I saw this fountain. Now thát is pretty.
fountainI had no idea where I was so I asked two policemen. “It’s the Town Hall Square,” they said.
Well, there is some marvellous architecture at this square. Let me show you.
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGOh, and I met The Leicester Seamstress. She is busy with sewing a sock.
The Leicester SeamstressWhen I return back to the hotel I see this house: The Turkey Café.
SAMSUNGLovely, isn’t it? It sure is. Back at the hotel I still have three hours left. I am tired. I want a cappuccino. I want to sit down and read my book. And that is exactly what I do untill the taxi arrives. I order a complimentary CaPPuCCinO. Once again I can’t get over the size of this cup, it’s as big as my hand.
Cappuccino1Bye for now!

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  2. Liz says:

    I hope you will, or did, have a good flight back. I enjoyed reading and looking at your stay at Leicester.

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    Thank you, Liz!

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