Leicester, days # 2 and 3

Day 2, Monday
As staying on the sixth floor I have a very nice view from my hotel room. The black spots is just dirt on the window. But can you see the hills at the end? I love hills. I see the view changing every hour. Grey clouds, but also a bright blue sky later that afternoon.

One of the things in hotels I particularly like is breakfast. At home I often cannot be bothered but in a hotel it is just there waiting for you.
And so I started my day with breakfast. It always amazes me what British people eat for breakfast. Baked mushrooms, baked beans, baked potatoes, baked sausages. And black pudding. Which is not pudding at all, it is a complete lie, as it is ‘blood-saucage’. Yikes! I prefer a slice of toast and some Danish pastry, thank you.
After breakfast it is time for some shopping. At home I don’t really shop a lot, proper shopping I mean, and it is just so much fun to do shopping in a foreign country. Today I am on a mission as I am hoping to find a yarnstore (yes, I know I am on a yarn-diet but not when I am in England). In “John Lewis” they sell yarn, yay!, but it is too expensive for my taste. But is a feast to look, to drool, to caress the yarn, this ow so soft, beautiful coloured, exactly my kind of colours dead-expensive yarn ….
yarn John LewisAnd these colours, o my … this must be yarn-heaven.
John Lewis yarnBut then I find this little shop called “Tiger” in Highcross and they have blended sock yarn, one pound a ball. That’s acceptable. The knitting yarn was bought in a Poundshop.
Tiger yarnI cannot control myself when I visit The Works. Buttons and beads. I know I’ll be back later this week for more essential products.
Buttons and beadsLots of these buttons from a brand called Santa’s Workshop. It’s August and in the UK you can buy Christmas stuff. You funny English people.
In the afternoon I sit down for a cup of cappuccino at grand café Bruxelles. I get a huge cup with a thick layer of milk foam, just as I like it. As it should be.
Bruxelles cappuI am the only guest, but I don’t mind. I love these kind of grand café’s. When living in Utrecht I often went on my day off to Oliver, to write and have a cappuccino. I wrote half of a manuscript at Oliver’s. Bruxelles is a beautiful café that has a marvellous ceiling.
BruxellesAfter my cappuccino I had a little bit of energy left, and I took some more pics of some nice architecture. Love, love, love old buildings. I really don’t care for modern architecture at all, old city’s, that’s my thing. This is the Corn Exchange , it is next to Leicester Market.
ExchangeCan someone please move this market to my village, please?
marketmarketIn the end I got tired and went back to the hotel. I just got back in time.
rainWell, I guess it’s time for a cuppa and some hooky business.
Hooky timeWhen K got back from work we went out for a meal. As Leicester has plenty of restaurants to choose from we wanted something else this evening. No pizza tonight. We ended up at Wagamama, an Asian restaurant.
WagamamaI orded a vegetarian dish. Very difficult to eat with chopsticks ….

Day 3, Tuesday
ontbijtAfter breakfast I tried to write my blog post. But the Internet-connection is ever so slow. So I went into town. Again. I know my way around here quite well now and thanks to the signs it’s really hard to get lost.
where to goI really like the sock yarn I bought at Tiger, and wanted to buy some more. But unfortunately they ran out of ‘my’ colour. Then I go back to John Lewis, but again, not buying any yarn. I see they have Paton yarn, my colour. I bought this back in February at House of Fraser for 1.89, here at JL it costs 2.50. OMG. Buying just expensive yarn just doesn’t feel good.
And guess what? This is the day I haven’t spent one single pound, not even a penny.
The weather is great, even warm now and again, and I decide to go -to find- Abbey Park. It is about a mile from the city centre, and when I find it I am not disappointed.
SAMSUNGIt is so beautiful! I want this park at my home town! Actually, this park is bigger than the village I live. The park is marvellous. And look at the blue sky, it was such a lovely sunny afternoon.Abbey parkSAMSUNGSAMSUNGIt has Victorian bits, a lake, where you can hire a boat of one of those water-bikes, and lots of geese and ducks.
lakegeesefeathersAs you can see I made a friend.
duckHe was very into me, shaking his bum in front of me but when he found out I didn’t bring any bread he lost interest. Typical.
And then there was this little duckling, screaming for its mother.



I also saw a squirrel! He didn’t want to sit still so that I could take a proper photo, naughty little squirrel. Do you see him in that tree? You don’t? Well, it is there, you have to trust me on that.
squirrelweird treeWhen I got back at the hotel I ordered a complimentary CappUCciNo. Now this is a CuP.  About a half a liter of coffee, just what I needed after a long walk.
cappuindian foodIn the evening we went to an Indian restaurant. It has a buffet, so you can choose whatever you like. What I like about Indian food is that it has lots of vegetarian dishes.
SAMSUNGIt wasn’t allowed to take photos of the buffet, but they didn’t say anything about the plates. So I took some photos when the waiters didn’t look. Yumyum….


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3 Responses to Leicester, days # 2 and 3

  1. Wilma says:

    Nice trip!

  2. Liz says:

    Beautiful pictures! I, too, love old buildings. They hold so much history and mystique.

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