Pippi in suitcasePacking my suitcase. Pippi is in charge.

Breakfast at the Schiphol Airport lounge.

Breakfast at the Schiphol Airport lounge.

I don’t like flying. I used to like it but not anymore. It’s not the actual flying that bothers me, it’s the being locked up part. claustrophobia is my middle name. Always when taking off I say in my head my goodbyes to my loved ones (yes, I can be a bit of a drama-queen). I squeeze K’s hand so hard it turns blue. KLM-blue, haha …. I even groan when the plane shakes during the taking off. It think that part embarrasses K, but hey, what can you do about it? But then we reach that point we fly above the clouds and I calm down. A bit. It’s a beautiful sight, those fluffy creamy clouds.
up in the air

                                               Flying above The Netherlands.SAMSUNGThe flight to Birmingham only lasts an hour, even less. We get a drink and a stroopkoek, that is a double cookie with caramel. We don’t eat it but keep it for in the hotel. The cup is so cute, it has a tiny bycicle, a tulip and a wooden shoe (klomp) on it (click on th photo for a closer look).
Water cupYou know what, it flying wouldn’t be safe, the pilot and her/his crew wouldn’t fly. That is what I always (try) to think.
And then … almost there. The plane starts to shake a bit again (yikes!) and we start to land. Pfeeewww….  I grab K’s hand, his arm. I squeeze. Breath in, breath out.
Above UKSAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNGIn The Netherlands you see straight lines when you fly above the country. Not in the UK. I love that landscape. And oohh, do I spot some hills over there? I sure do!
England                                                                  Yay, I am in EnGLaNd!!!!

PS: I forgot K’s camera so I took all pics with my mobile phone. Sorry for the -not always so good- quality.

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4 Responses to Flying

  1. Liz says:

    England’s landscape, from above, looks like a patchwork quilt. Your mobile phone takes good pictures. Have a wonderful time in England!

  2. Wilma says:

    Well have a nice time in England and enjoy your stroopkoek! Yummi!!

  3. corine24 says:

    Dank je wel, schone zus!

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