About blogging …

Lately I have been thinking about my blog. Am I doing this right? I don’t have many followers and to be honest, I haven’t got a clue how many people actually read my blog. I know some of my family members don’t read it because I write it in English and not in Dutch. Is it okay what I write? Should I write about other stuff then just –superficial?- crochet and simple things about my life? Should I write about war? About my dad’s Alzheimer? The fact that he does know who I am but can’t say my name because he doesn’t remember what it is? About not having a job? About the incredible shitty year I had, the loneliness I felt and about how to learn who the real friends are in that shitty year? Who wants to read about all that negative stuff? And then I think: no. Nobody wants to read that. And I want to, and like to write, about crochet because it is something I am (still my very own surprise!) passion about. I want to write about the little things in life that bring joy. That brings a smile to my face, like the hilarious things my nieces sometimes say (my youngest niece, 7 years old: “I am smart, but it doesn’t show.”),
wastemy cats who fall asleep in the wastebasket, my yummy-in-my-tummy cupcakes, or those eight green beans in my vegetable garden.

I want to write about fun stuff, because there are other blogs or websites who write about the bad things in this world. I want to write because that is my first passion. So new goals are on its way. I will continue to write about the little daily happenings, I will finish my manuscripts this year (well, at least one) and I will continue to write this blog I prefer. And I will continue with my psychology studies. Man, I’ll be busy!

So, let’s talk about one of some of the thing that makes me happy: coffee. :-). Seriously, it makes me happy. That warm drink, first thing in the morning, and preferably a cappuccino.

After bringing back a lot of balls of yarn (the saleslady’s don’t like me anymore, one of them even got a bit nasty) I deserved a reward. I bought two t-shirts in the sale. I reaaaaally needed light blue t-shirts and these two sweeties only costed me 3 euros and 2 euros. The one that was 2 euros also had an extra 30% discount, so I only had to pay  €1,40.  No need to feel guilty about that shopping spree, money-diet wise. Oh, and I bought a cafetière. Of course I only purchased that one so that I can now make a cafetière cover, like this one. This one is from Nicki Trenches book. Lovely, it sure is.cafetiere NTBut the pattern just didn’t work out for me and I decided to use my own pattern again, a pattern I came up with when making my tin cover, although I did change it a bit for my cafetière. It’s really simply, actually, and it goes pretty fast. The flower takes longer than the actual cover.SAMSUNGNow, measuring the cafetière is most important as every cafemaker has its own size, or/and handle.
First I had to figure out which colours I wanted to use. Yet again, I did the same as with my tin cover. Greens on the bottom, blues on the other half so that it looks a bit like grass and sky. And some flowers. I used blended yarn,  a  leftover I got from my Mum. She thinks it’s Katia Merino, but is not sure. The yarn feels utterly soft, so she could be right.
And here it is: my first cafetière cozy …. tadaaaahhh!!! Not perfect, I might make another one. It was so much fun to make.
Cozy SAMSUNGYep, pleased with it. I LoVe It!! Warm coffee.

Edit to add: Thank you all so very, very much for your kind words, your advise about blogging, and your compliments regarding my cafetiere cozy! I really appreciate it al so much!

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12 Responses to About blogging …

  1. Well I’m reading! And I hope you feel you can write about whatever you want to. If it helps you to process the difficult things then write about them! Love the cafe tiere cover. 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    I am so happy I found your blog. I, also, like to write about crocheting, cooking, baking, my cats, family, etc. But, like you, I don’t get many readers or comments-if any comments. Sometimes, I feel that it is just not worth the time and effort. I have been blogging for 14 years.
    Your cafetière cover is very cheery. The colors are pretty. I like a good cup of cappuccino and after seeing yours in that pretty cup, I am now craving one. Every so often, I will make a cup in my “bialetti” moka stovetop pot.
    I am sorry to hear about your dad. Continue to write about your daily happenings and all that makes you happy. I am going to “follow you” so that I know when you have posted. After reading your post, I find that what you have written is exactly how I feel.

  3. Wilma says:

    Enjoy your coffee! And I think I know who that little niece is ….

  4. Wubbo ockels says:

    Ik lees het. En ik hoop dat je weet dat je mijn vriendin bent.

  5. Even 24 followers mean that many people have chosen to be notified about your posts so not zero and there are probably others who read. I think the most important thing is that you enjoy writing your posts. After that you need to get people to notice you if you want more followers. Interacting with other blogs means that that person or some of their followers may have a look. I found getting a ‘nomination’ for a blog award got me more followers thought that is harder to arrange yourself 🙂 Some people may come to your blog from the ‘Reader’ so tags are important (which you have) and the first photograph is the one people will see so try to make it a good one. Like here your cosy with the flower is the most attractive photograph. I really love your cosy. Great idea!

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