Yarn-ish …

After a couple of unstable days, with rain but also with some sunshine it is now dry. I needed to go out and the morning was filled with some yarn duties. I took my car, drove to the ferry (forgot my camera and mobile phone, so no nice photos of the river), hopped on the ferry, walked into the city and returned yarn back to the shop. Really, this was the last bag. And as the shop lady was a bit unfriendly to me last time I went to another shop this time to return the balls. Everything went well and with €8,60 extra in my purse I was happy. And then I passed this tiny little shop that sells craft stuff and they had this big crate of Scheepjeswol yarn (a Dutch brand) outside. One euro per ball. Green yarn.
SAMSUNGI love, love, love and adore green yarn, just simply cannot resist it. I bought three balls of the Scheepjeswol and one of the Cascade yarn (never heard of it), that was kind of blended yarn. It is AbSoLuTeLy yummy scrumptious beautiful yarn. Seriously. Happy happy. I wanted to buy all of the green ones but I didn’t. Must spend my few euro’s wisely.
I knew immediately a destination for these balls, they’re going to be part of my blue-green-and-purple-patchwork-Autumn-Winter-blanket.
SAMSUNGIn the afternoon I went to see my parents. As K was working from home I took his Volkswagen Passat, which is so much more comfortable than my little Toyota Yaris. And his radio his better. Louder.
My parents have loads of stuff they don’t use anymore. In the garage they had this little iron bench for the garden, all dismantled. The Volkswagen is perfect for dismantled garden benches. The Volkswagen is also very good for transporting yarn. My Mum opened a few drawers full of yarn she doesn’t use, so with three full bags of yarn I left the house. I see new projects coming …
SAMSUNGAfter coffee and a talk I visited the local second-hand shop in the village. How could I resist? I couldn’t but I only bought two things: a big blue and white flower bowl -50 cents!- which matches with my other flower pots. This big one’ll is perfect for Spring flower bulbs: daffodils and tulips and narcissuses. The other purchase was a big basket, for my yarn. Yet again it is a bike basket so it has multiple goals. It only needs a fabric lining as I like that and the basket has some sharp edges.
fietsmand en schaalSo, I’d better start doing some work now. Finding a nice piece of fabric for my basket ….

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