Finished …. :: My very own granny square!

eigen ontwerp grannyWhen I started with crochet one of the first things I learned to crochet was, of course, a granny square. But it was a difficult one. It involved clusters. As I didn’t have a single clue what clusters were, I managed to make them. I know now this wasn’t exactly a basic granny square, but …I loved that granny square with clusters. Now, nearly nine months later, I decided to make my own granny square. Yes. Really.
I never had thought, back then, of making my own granny square, but I gave it a go. I had this absolutely amazing pattern in my head, one night when my body just refused to go to sleep, but when I tried to make it the next day it turned out to be crap. It was all wobbly and crooked and it looked absolutely ridiculous, I should have photographed it, just for a laugh.
“Remember, when auntie Corine thought she could  design a granny square, many, many years ago? Yes, we remember. It looked very stupid indeed. What was she thinking?”
And I immediately had so much more respect for people who DESIGN crochet patterns. But I didn’t want to give up, so I tried something else, and tried again and unravelled quite a few times. What I had in my little creative mind was a granny with a ‘flower’ in it, or something that looked a bit like a flower, or petals. So it needed a round centre. And finally I had that ta-daaaahhh moment, I made my own granny!! Whoopee!!! The plan was to make a blanket with it but it instead I made a cushion cover. You have to start ‘small’. Plus I have lots of other blankets I am currently working on. Four to be precise.
SAMSUNGI usually close my cushion covers with buttons so that you can wash the covers. But this time I didn’t and I sewed the squares together. I am not sure about the colours I have chosen, they are just not quite my colours but the main thing was to make the granny squares.
coloursSo, want to have a look?
SAMSUNGThis one with the red edge is not blocked yet.
Here are some of the finished granny’s ….
SAMSUNGAnd here’s the finished cushion cover! Nine granny squares on each side.
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGI am so pleased with it. -skipping-pleased. I am sure some people’ll think: Is that all?? or: What is she thinking?? but I don’t mind. No, I don’t. As I said: -skipping-pleased. It was so much fun to make something that I came up myself. Try it too. Really, it’s fun.


PS: I am working on the tutorial.

Edit to add: You can find the tutorial here.

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