Finished …. :: Granny Stripes blanket!

YarnMust apologize first: sorry about the quality of the photo’s, they were taken with my mobile phone.
This was my fasted blanket so far and I only started it to use some my stash. It took me fifteen days to make this blanket. Fifteen days!  I still cannot believe that myself. And those fifteen days were hot. I mean really hot, 30 degrees-ish, nearly every day. Waaaaay too hot to work on a blanket, I must have been mad, but still, I have enjoyed making this blanket a lot. Beginning granny stripesThe chain and the first row is always a bit of a pain to make. My least favourite part of blanket-making. After every twenty stitches I wrote down the score, because I am not good with counting. But I got it exactly right! Yay! That was nice for a change.detailI have used different kind of brands for this blanket, but all were acrylic. I just made sure the yarn had the same thickness, I think in English you would say I used DK-yarn.SAMSUNGI finished my blanket with the same colour as I started, that was red. Now all I had to do was to make the two long sides of the blanket and I gave them the same colour, also in granny stripes. But when I started to make the first of the two rows of granny stripes on the long sides of the blanket I noticed it all went a bit wobbly. So I removed it and instead of three trebles per space I made two trebles per space. Now that did the job perfectly. Then I made two rows of half trebles and one row of this edging. edgingI was planning to make another edging but I’ll save that for a new blanket.
I choose the colours more or less at random, but after every sixth, seven or eight stripes I made a beige stripe to keep the blanket ‘calm’ and that turned out really well. What I also did was put five or six colours on the table to see if they matched, or not. And every time I finished a stripe I added one or  two colours on the balls on the table. That worked for me.SAMSUNGMy blanket measures 1m65 x 1m75. Big enough to crawl under it when laying on the sofa. Or to put it on a bed. on the bedHere it is on our bed. We have a big bed (K is a tall guy), 2m10, so the blanket doesn’t cover the whole bed. And here’s another photo …ta-dahhhhThe blanket on my chair in my little office …deken op stoelAnd here my colourful beauty covers one of our sofa’s in the livingroom. deken op de bankSome hooky-details if you would like to know?
Well, I used a 4mm hook and started with a chain of 240.
The blanket is 1m65 x 1m75, that is about 64 inches x 68 inches, if I’m correct.
There are 84 stripes in this blanket and I used seventeen colours.

I am very happy with it. -skipping-happy …


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3 Responses to Finished …. :: Granny Stripes blanket!

  1. Wow! that was quick. I agree with you about edging a granny type blanket. I found that 2tr per row was what was needed. Though I did it as four trebles into the big spaces. It looks really lovely.

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you so much! 🙂

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