In Utrecht

Hello!Geraniums Before K and I moved to our tiny village we lived in Utrecht. Here is ‘our’ house.our houseUtrecht is wonderful. The first months in the village I wanted to crawl back to Utrecht sometimes, I missed it so much. I missed walking to the city centre within five minutes, I missed the fabric market on Saturday, I missed the huge library …
jugendstilanno 1584





It is just a beautiful city. It has lots of history and very old elements. NijntjeAnd Utrecht is the only city in The Netherlands with “Nijntje” traffic lights. Nijntje is called Miffy in English, and the writer Dick Bruna is originally from Utrecht. There is even a “Nijntjepleintje” (Miffy’s little square).

Now and again we go back Utrecht, to do some shopping or so. On Sunday it was ‘koopzondag’ which means that the shops were open. I behaved very good, I only bought one thing. One!Clover haaknaaldIt was a crochet hook (bought it at Pipoos). Not just an ordinairy hook, but an ergonomic one, by Clover. Having RSI and now also a tennis elbow I think it is a wise purchase.
And oh, I discovered a yarn shop, but it was closed. Might as well …YarnshopI am not particularly fond of geraniums but these were lovely. Look at the colours! You can find these hanging flowerbaskets with geraniums all over the city.GeraniumsAnd what about this beauty of a sunflower?sunflowerAnd more pretty flowers in a flower stall.flowersIt was rather hot, we needed an ice-cream. I don’t eat ice-cream a lot so it was okay to spoil ourselves a bit. I had one with strawberries. Yumyum, it was almost a complete meal.icecreamWeerdsingel                                          The Weerdsingel O.Z. were we used to live.


Pretty architecture …


And Cath Kidstone in the Bijenkorf!
More flowers …

Bye for now!

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2 Responses to In Utrecht

  1. Utrecht does look quite charming. Up to now all I knew of Utrecht was that it gave its name to a treaty I learned about in History lessons. I want one of those ice creams!

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