On the water

AugustHello! Can you believe it is August already? Time goes so fast, it sure does. I love this picture on my CH&I calender, and the stripes on that beautiful chair are inspiring for a new crochet project. And look at that scenery and that blue sea. K and I were on the water on Saturday. K owns a little sailing boat, a Skarl. And it’s for sale as we hardly sail anymore. He did sail a lot when we lived in Utrecht and the boat laid in Loosdrecht, but now … nope. No time. So I wanted him to sell the boat. It is an utterly waste of money when you have a boat and don’t use it (last year not once!). But that is just my humble opinion. I think having a boat is a passion and if you are not going every weekend to your boat it is not your passion anymore. It becomes a burden.HarbourBut Saturday was again a hot day and we went to the boat. The boat is in Maasbommel, famous for its floating and amphibious houses. SAMSUNGSAMSUNGWhen the water is high the houses go up. Sort of speak. The houses come in three colours: yellow, green and blue. They were even on tv, National Geografic showed them in a programme about water issues.Wooden boatWhat a pretty boat this is, isn’t it? It’s not ours. But I love wooden boats. They have so much character.Our boatThis is our boat. Well, K’s boat. As I said it is a Skarl 645, and it is about six meters long. K did quite some work on it, in the beginning, he replaced and made new wooden panels. My handyman.SAMSUNGCaptain

essentialsI brought some essentials onboard: an old Country Living, towels and suncream. noord-amerikaHave a closer look at that picture. The map says Noord-Amerika. Yes, that is Dutch. In an English magazine. 🙂 We also had a little pillow onboard and when I asked K to pass it on to me he trew it at me without looking. He trew a bit too hard. CushionBye bye pillow … Now the fish have something soft to rest on.sailSAMSUNGSAMSUNG

SAMSUNGWe knew the weather was chancing and we decided to go back. The motor gave us a bit of troubles but we made it back in time. On our way home a few drops fell out of the sky. And when we got home …SAMSUNG…. well, let’s say I was glad to be home. I love being on the water, but not in a thunderstorm.rainhiding


PS: Finished my granny stripes-blanket!




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