Making dinner: couscous

I am not much of a cook. Baking I like a lot, but cooking? Naahhh …. I do very much like bread, though. Look at yesterdays lunch: a bread roll with a slice of goat cheese and homemade (!) pumpkin-chutney. Yumyum.lunchWhen K asked me once asked what’s for dinner I replied with: pasta.
K: ‘Pasta?’
Me: ‘Yep.’
K: ‘And?’
Me: ‘We have potatoes with it.’
K (looking puzzled): ‘Pasta with potatoes. That’s it?’
Me: ‘No, we have Fanta with it.’
K: sigh …couscous

But not last night, no, on the last day of July I made dinner. With couscous. This is such an easy recipe.  So, trow some couscous in a nice bowl, add hot water on to it and stir. Basically, just follow the instructions on the packet. Make sure it is not too dry, add more hot water if needed.
Now just add what you like. This time I added some washed raisins and a tin of yellow corn (don’t trow away the tin, can be used for a crochet project).mais and raisinsI added dried salad herbs (I didn’t have any couscous spices), and a leftover paprika in little pieces. Shortly fried in a pan.paprikaSAMSUNGI added Fresh Green Beans, grown in our own garden. How cool is that?bonenThen I added some herbs from my little herbalgarden, outside in front of the kitchen window. As K doesn’t like coriander, and I do, I only cut of a few leaves for my own plate.korianderNow mix it all together, sprinkle some roasted sunflower seeds (roasted in a dry pan) on it and eat. SAMSUNGCouscous klaarEnjoy.


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