Yarn issues

ViewHello friendly people, look at that bright blue sky. It’s going to be another Hot Day, here in our little village. How’s the weather in your part of the world?  I took this photo inside of the house and do you see that tree on the left? That one can be quite scary when it’s windy… LavendelThis is the part of the garden where our lavender grows. Yesterday I cut some, to dry, for a little crochet-project. Show you later, as it is not finished yet. Well, it is practically finished, but the lavender is not ready yet.
But something in this house is AlMost FiNiShed: my granny stripes blanket! GSBI started it as an in between project, just to work on it when I feel like it. And to reduce my stash. But then I got in a hurry, I wanted it to be finishes a.s.ap. Lately, I hook about seven or eight stripes a day -my aim is a minimum of five a day- and I only need to hook ten more stripes, and then I can start on the edging. So, if everything goes according to plan, next week I’ll have another blanket finished. Yay!Daan

This week, I did something extraordinary. Oh yes I did. Do want to know what it is? I hope you sit down, this may come to you as a shock.


Yes, I did. I brought yarn back to the shop. Monday two balls, yesterday about nine and I’ll bring back some more yarn today, about eighteen balls (18!!). And you know what? I STill HAve SO MUch YArn. It truly is embarrassing. But bringing back four bags (4!!) of yarn felt good. It makes my head feels light. It created space. It filled my purse. 🙂
I know where this hoarding is coming from, so let me explain. When I started with crochet, my first big project was the CAL-blanket. CAL op stoelI wanted to use five colours, so I bought a few balls of each colours. And then I ran out short of yarn. And the store had ran out of these colours. Mán!!
Other yarn had to be used, so I bought other brands of yarn and this time I bought some extra balls. I Had Learned My Lesson. Not going to happen again, me not having the yarn I needed. And every  time when I saw yarn somewhere I bought more than I needed. Just in case…. Better save than sorry … Even colours I didn’t particularly liked because: what if I ever need it?
When I saw yarn, I saw a new project, a future-project. Any yarnoholics out there who recognize this? Yes, I know you are out here.

Anyway, I realised last week (it only took me about six months to realize it) I have more than enough balls of yarn. I know now which colours I really love and which colours don’t do it for me. The granny stripes blanket I started to use up all of my yarn. Yeah right. Still have loads, but luckily, as I mentioned before, I have enough projects in my head. Within a few weeks we’re flying to Leicester and I would love to buy some Debbie Bliss Merino. Or other soft yarn. Just a few balls. That’s all.


 PS: Have to show you this piece of lovely fabric I bought (at Kwantum), it was €5,- per meter. It’s lining for a bag I want to make …Fabric

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