Weekend no. 30

ViewYes, we’ve just finished weekend no. 30. We’re nearly in August! Have you noticed it’s getting dark earlier these days, at about ten pm? I have, but I don’t mind. The weather was lovely last weekend and more nice weather is on its way. Last night it rained, which is good for my tomatoes. Rain in the evening is good.TomatoesDo you see the little ones growing? I hope it goes better than last year, as they stayed green. In the end I made green tomato chutney them. Very tasteful, though.CupcakesI did some baking. In these cupcakes I added a lot of cookiespices, so they tasted a bit Autumn-ish. I also wanted to add some walnuts but I was too lazy to crack them.
But even without the walnuts they tasted yummy. That’s why there are now only four of them left.Cupcakes4ApplesWe had to pick some apples, as the birds eat a three of the seven we have! Very naughty indeed. For these birds our garden is one big buffet. They ate our plums, our apples,Blackberries                                                                 our blackberries,Hazelnuts                                                                     our hazelnuts ….Cocktail hourWe had cocktail hour, with a chilled glass of rosé and some nice puff pastry snacks with Greek cheese in it. Greek pastryHave to show off my lovely paper napkin. Almost too pretty to use, don’t you agree?Crochet timeAnd of course I had lots of quality hooky time. It was my intention to crochet two stripes a day, but I was faster than I thought. So I adjusted my goal to five stripes a day and on Saturday I hooked seven and yesterday eight rows. If I continue this schedule the blanket will finished within a week. That is without the border. The border’ll take also a week, maybe less. The blanket is now big enough to cover my legs (I am short …).

Btw, have you noticed that there are TWO cats on the table? Yes, Daan is BaCk! He hadn’t been home for TWO WEEKS, to be honest, I thought he was dead. He does stay away occasionally. One day, sometimes a day and a night, but never before two whole weeks. And Sunday morning, when I got up, there he was. Little rascal.

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One Response to Weekend no. 30

  1. The seasons seem more advanced where you are, not time for apples and blackberries and hazelnuts here.

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