Granny stripes

Yesterday was not a day for blogging and to show you nice things of my life. It wasn’t appropriate. The images on TV were deeply moving, our king and queen sitting in the burning sun, holding hands in silence while watching forty coffins unloaded. And all these people on the road, watching forty hearses driving to Hilversum, to the Forensic Institute. I was moved, and to be honest also very proud to be Dutch at that single moment. Is that weird? Maybe. But I think you know what I mean when you have watched the same images on TV too.View

Yesterday was hot, and so is today. A bright blue sky. Pretty weather, like last week. I started a new blanket last week, on the 17th of July. It was nearly 30 degrees that day, way too hot to work on my ripple blanket. That one is now more than a meter long and it completely covers my legs when working on it. Very nice on a chilly night on the sofa in the evening, but not in the burning sun.Yarn

I already told you before I have too much yarn, kind off. Can a crochetoholic have too much yarn? Nope. But still … I want to reduce my stash. So that I can buy new yarn. J Would to work with merino or Stylecraft DK. And so I started with my granny stripes blanket. I had seen Lucy’s blanket and I really liked that one.First granny stripes

I started my blanket with red and the next stripe was a deep purple.

What I did next was I choose a few colours, put them on the table in a row and looked if they matched. When I doubt, even slightly, I changed the order of the balls. I wrote down the combination I like and continued further with my blanket. This method really worked for me. I started with a bag filled with twenty-one colours and I ended up with sixteen. I only use the thicker yarn from my stash, the thinner has to go, so it’s going to be quite a sturdy blanket. One that can take a few blows.Blanket

As I said, today is again a hot day, but luckily we have a nice breeze. But this granny square blanket is now also very warm on my legs, it is 66 centimetres already! Still, I am not going to start anóther project, although I have plenty of ideas. My head almost explodes of ideas. I’d better keep a notepad on the table and scribble some notes down.

I crocheted seven stripes yesterday, that is fourteen rows! Today I only did six (but the day hasn’t finished yet …), but my arm is telling me to slow down.RaspberriesSo I picked some raspberries and slowed down ….


Pippi likes my new blanket, too, she can’t wait for it to be ready.Pip in yarn bagPip on blanket

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3 Responses to Granny stripes

  1. Puzzled by your black raspberries. I have only seen red ones. Yours look just like the blackberries we get August/September time. Do you grow them in your garden?

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