A Tuesday

Two booksA trip to the library yesterday resulted in these lovely books. The book on the right, by Nicki Trench, I once borrowed before, but crochet was still a bit of a mystery for me back then. But now, I can make these things! Yay! Let’s have a closer look.

No, wait. First I have to show you another photo. Those pretty flowers in our garden. I had to get the camera and take some photo’s. They are my favourites. Look at that gorgeous lilac colour.Lilac flowerHydrangea

Now back to Nicki Trench’s book. It really has the most wonderful projects in it. Look at the Russian dolls. dollsYes, they look lovely and are adorable but I am not going to make them. For obvious reasons, no explanation needed here. Let’s continue. NF teapotThat teapot cover! These roses! Oh my … (note to myself: must buy a teapot at the 2nd hand-shop).NF1

And I love that cushion cover. I already have some colour schemes in my head to make one or two.BagsApron

The other book is about plastic tablecloths, or oilcloths, and what to make with this kind of ‘fabric’. It is not really a fabric as it is plastic, but it looks like fabric. The bicycle saddle covers are so pretty, aren’t they?Fietszadels

As me being Dutch I own a bicycle. Of course I do. So, one of these covers I very much need. I hate a wet behind and these covers will do the job perfectly.

Today I went to see my friend M (the one who makes those lovely bags) to help her out with some domestic tasks. She and her partner run a day-care for adults with disabilities and I did a year of internship over there. So I know the clients and when she asked me to stay the afternoon because she had an appointment outdoors with a client I stayed and kept one of the other clients company. But I cannot sit still for hours only talking so I dove in M’s yarn boxes (yarnoholic!) and borrowed a hook. I made a flower in some bright colours. Btw, do see the table/oilcloth? Do you know what I can make with this …. ?  🙂Flower

So I spent the afternoon chatting, hooking and cuddling Wubbo (with the black nose) and Chriet a lot. FurrrrballsThey thought the yarn was a purrrrfect bed. They are so adorable. And so are Lena and Sepke. LenaCan you believe that Sepke (the labrador) is Lena’s son?Sepke on my kneeSepke resting on my knee

 PS: I have sinned. I’ve bought some new yarn. Yesterday. And today. I had to, didn’t have that kind of colour yet: pink and raspberry-ish. They were only 99 euro cents (£0.78) for 100 grams, that is 241 meters. Will add this yarn it to my current WiP’s -four blankets- which means it’ll be used immediately. So it is ok.

Another PS: I’ve started my day with a doctor’s visit. I had to. My arm is killing me, I can hardly lift my cup of cappuccino. Not good. Bloody annoying, although I must say that yesterday it wasn’t even so bad. Well, guess what? I have a tennis elbow. I don’t play tennis. The good news is that it’ll pass after a few months. About six months … When I carry stuff I must carry it underhanded. He didn’t say not to crochet. :-D

Okay, one more pic of the kittens.


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4 Responses to A Tuesday

  1. Manon says:

    We love to have you over. Come more often!

  2. Marc-André says:

    Oh god the kitten on the yarn is just toooo cute

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