Weekend snippets

the Sunny weather …

the  Saturday-evening BBQ …
a Sunday morning breakfast with home-made jam and a nice cappuccino ….

Yarn♥ ‘Old’ yarn for my new granny stripes blanket.

Pip and blanketmy new blanket in progress, and Pip (I wonder is she misses Daan, too …) …

Last jars
Last jars.
I have made 57 jars of jam last week. And these are just made of the plums! We’re still waiting for the raspberries to become ripe.

Plum juiceI even made some juice. Very healthy (no sugar added, of course).

PruimentaartA recipe for plum crumble pie.
Last plums 

So our last plums get a destination in a pie, a plum crumble pie.

Vier pruimenThe recipe said: add four plums. Yeah right … not going to happen. You see how little that amount is? We like our pies full of fruit. I made the crumble with butter, flower, chopped almonds and cane sugar. Crumble crumble

PruimenkruimeltaartThe result (sorry for the crappy photo). It was delicious. The bottom of this cake was like a sponge cake. Will make this pie again, with some adjustments. 🙂

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