War ….

There is a lot of ugliness in the world. Of course I’m referring to the situation in Israel and the plane ‘crash’ (well, cannot call it a crash when a missile shoots you out of the sky) in Ukraine. Both Israel and Ukraine (and Russia) bring back some memories. Corruption, a never-ending war, crime. In the Ukraine I could only get that stamp I desperately needed in my passport when I paid extra (a lot). In Israel there stood soldiers with weapons on the roof of the cruise terminal. And yet, in both countries I’ve met the sweetest, hardworking, generous and friendliest people ever. When I lived in the Ukraine for a short while, about twenty years ago, my ‘aunt’ knitted me a pair of socks. The electricity fell out and she finished them, with the help of some candlelight. I still have these socks.

Luckily there is also a lot of prettiness on this globe. Starting right here, in my own back garden. A cat on the table (‘it is waaaaay to hot to do anything, miaow …’).Pip in the sun

A new crochet project, a colourful granny stripes blanket. I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone here with these colours. I am loving this blanket already.Granny deken

And pretty, colourful flowers in our garden.SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNG

                       Dedicated to all victims onboard the MH17, and there beloved ones …





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