Mini flowers

MayorIt was a busy and a special day last Thursday. Not only was it immensely and sticky hot, my parents celebrated their 50th (!!!) wedding anniversary. My o my. Even the mayor and his wife came to congratulate happy couple and they stayed for a coffee. We thought we ran out of cake, so with didn’t offer them any, how embarrassing … Well, my parents weren’t expecting visitors during the day. Of course we, the children and in-laws, knew about the mayors planned visit. Duh …

So Thursday I didn’t crochet, which is weird. I thought this day was a good opportunity to give my arm a rest, but I have shaken so many hands at the party in the evening that my arm now hurts even more (some people squeeze so hard!). Bummer. Ah well, it was nice to see family members and old neighbours I hadn’t seen in years.
Choco klomp

My gift was a small tray with among other things a ‘wooden’ shoe, made of chocolate and it had other chocolates inside. On the bottom of the tray I placed a homemade granny square. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the finished granny … 😦

But today I needed some crochet and I made a few mini-flowers. They are very easy to make and I made them up myself, after a bit of fiddling (but maybe this pattern already exists?)

Right, here comes a mini-tutorial so you can make a mini flower. Hope you’ll like it.

I am using UK terms and this flower is made with an 3mm hook:

Sl st = slip stitch (NL: halve vaste) Insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch, then through the loop on your hook.
Double crochet (dc) (US: sc / NL: vaste)
Insert hook in space or stitch, yarn over and pull the loop back through the stitch or space (two loops on hook), yarn over and pull through both loops on hook.
Half treble crochet (htr) (US: hdc / NL:
Yarn over, insert hook in stitch or space, pull yarn through stitch (now three loops on your hook), yarn over and pull yarn through all three loops. You have now one loop left on your hook.1Chain 4 and form a ring. Chain 3. Make 9 dc’s into the ring (10 dc’s).
Chain 3. Make 2 htr in same stitch.
In next stitch 1 sl st.2

In * next stitch 3 htr. In next stitch 1 sl st. * Repeat between till end of round. Fasten of. You should have five petals.

Now we’ll make a surface chain with another colour. This chain is a chain of slip stitches, basically.
Insert your hook through any gap. Yarn over, and pull a loop through to the front.

Insert your hook into the next gap between the 2nd and 3rd htr’s.

Yarn over, pull a loop up through the gap to the front, then through the loop already on your hook. This is like a slip stitch.

Insert your hook through the next gap along and make again a slip stitch.

Repeat these slip stitches till the end.

Now, there are two ways to finish this chain. For this little flower I used a very simple method. The lazy method, I guess.
Just insert you hook from the backside of the flower to the front. Pull your yarn through the gap and make a knot (and another knot) with the other tail. That’s all. The lazy way. I only do this with these tiny flowers.
Back side

Darn in the two ends.

As you can see on the photo the light green flower is a little bit bigger than the other two, because I used other cotton. All flowers are crocheted with a 3mm hook.
Green flower

Three miniflowers

Happy hooking! xxxx

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