Birds and ripples

SAMSUNGOn Saturday The Match was on TV. I think I am the only one in The Netherlands who didn’t watch, I don’t give a d…. about soccer. Instead I left K downstairs, went upstairs and crawled onto my cosy bed with my ripple blanket. Missed my ripples, as I’ve been working on other projects lately. And then there is the issue with the arm. Nearly two months ago I worked in the garden, very happily digging and spudding up weeds and preparing my little vegetable garden. That night I woke up because of a very sore elbow. Yikes. Okay, no problem, just take it easy for a bit and it’ll go away, I thought. It didn’t. Instead, it got worse and now it is not just the elbow that hurts, my whole arm does, it’s a mess. Weird. K says I crochet too much. Nooooo, that can’t be true, it must have been the digging with the spade! I really don’t feel any pain when I crochet, only when I lift heavy things like a full kettle or a bottle of water or my cup of cappuccino. Anyway, enough about the arm, let’s talk ripples. So far I have made 35 stripes and the blanket is now 80 cm in length. I want a big blanket, about 1m80, which means I still have some ripples to go. Yay!

SAMSUNGOn Sunday, when everyone in Holland was in a great mood (I am the only one who doesn’t know the score, seriously), K and I took our bikes and rode to the next village, about 2,5 km further on. There was something going on, an annual fair. I’d been there once, when I wrote for a local newspaper, and had to write a piece about the art section on that fair. This time I didn’t see any artists. But they had something else, something very impressive: Big Birds. Owls and falcons. They were huge! Well, one of them was.
And those eyes, how stunning were these eyes.
SAMSUNG SAMSUNGOne of the owls lost a feather, which I wanted for my feather jar, but a child ran after it and grabbed it. Bummer. For a second I thought ‘What if I ran after it too? Will that look silly?’. It probably would.

I didn’t buy anything on the market, I want to keep my money for our Leicester trip, in August. I am so looking forward to it. But K bought some very smelly sausages, the whole refrigerator now stinks.
SAMSUNGWhat else was there? There pony’s, children could go for a ride (ow, I do miss horseback riding …) and there was also a show of old tractors. I saw one that looked similar like the one my grandfather use to have. We, the grandchildren, loved to go for a ride on opa’s tractor. Oh, happy times. I took some photos of the old tractors and old steaming machines. They actually worked!

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  1. Just been away and catching up. Sounds as to me as if you ought to see a doctor about that elbow. Glad it doesn’t interfere witht he crochet though!

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