It is now the day after The Haircut. I washed my hair this morning and it looked a bit different from yesterday afternoon. Of course it does. Must get used to it. It feels so weird when I stroke with my fingers through my hair. Cripes, No Hair! It really is and feels so bloody short …

But having a haircut was just one the things I had to do, to Start My New Life. Every now and then I do it. I de-clutter. My pc, my shelves, my hair (also a way of ‘de-cluttering’). It is really good for the mind, it gives me space (not to fill it up with more stuff), both in my head and on my shelves.Before                                                                       Before ….

I started with magazines. I find it só hard to throw away magazines. Does that make me a hoarder? Naaaahhh, don’t think so. But when I had a houseboat, a couple of years ago, my boat hang crooked in the water because of my piles of magazines. Had to throw away some copies when I moved in with K. Bummer.

What I’ll do know is to throw away any magazines older than two years (except CL and CH&I, of course). And I am not throwing away any issues of Writer’s Magazine. Or any other magazines about decorating and houses. But the rest, it has to go. But then I find a copy of Living, June 2008. The Dutch Living doesn’t exist anymore which is a pity as I have always liked this magazine. It’s all about the sea and I flip through it. And look what I see on page 64 … I had not the heart to throw this copy away. Not yet, anyway.Living

Then I started with my computer. I threw away lots of old, and useless, documents. I even left some Facebook groups (sorry peeps, don’t take that personal). Oh, how light feels my mind.

I rewarded my achievements with some baking, I made cupcakes. Again I used Lucy’s recipe, but this time I made a few adjustments. I used a bit less fine sugar, 60 gram instead of 70, and I added cinnamon and cacao. I filled six cupcake cases (I have big cases), waited impatiently for them to be ready. And again … yummy they were! Only two left, sorry, to accompanied with tonight’s cappuccino. I really like this recipe, within a half an hour you have fresh cupcakes!
2 cupcakes

I also made progress with my granny square blanket. My plan was to continue with my ripples but Daan confiscated my bag, and therefore my blanket. No, I cannot throw him out, that would be pitiful, poor cat. DaanI am still not sure what to think of this granny blanket, I usually like the softer, earthy tones. These are in this blanket too, but I am using also some brighter colors, which is still pretty new to me. Still, so far I am content with the result.
Granny blanket




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