July …


It’s July. Can you imagine? Six months of 2014 are in the past. Some of these months were hard for me, it involved some serious decision-making and making new plans. I had to ask myself that question ‘what do I really want? more than once. I started with blogging, which I like doing very much (but still struggling with lay-out issues, aaarrggghhh). I have always liked to write but due some personal reasons I had lost my drive to write (no, it wasn’t a writer’s block).

Roze sjaalIn January I finished my pink granny stripes shawl.


                                             In February  I was in Worcester, UK.

Like Lucy I do too like calendars and yearbooks. I can spend hours in a shop to find the right agenda. In September I get all excited when new calendars arrive in the shops. Nearly every year I use one I get for free. Not because they didn’t cost me extra, but because they’re absolutely gorgeous. This years calendar I got for free at CH&I magazine. I love it, I really do. The problem is that I only want to move to England even harder when I see the photos on it.CAL

In April I finished my Crochet Along-blanket ….

PTT deken                                                        …. and my Dutch PTT-blanket!

June brought some lovely flowers, like lavender and I just had to make something with the lavender we have in one part of the garden. Isn’t this a pretty sight? As if I live in the Provence. And the smell, ooohhhh …. that wonderful smell …

At the moment there are builders working on the roof. I don’t like builders around my house, sorry, I really don’t. I know they work hard and do some hard labour, but it’s the mess they make and they always bring a massive radio …. And my lavender!! Please finish your job asap and leave!

Anyway, I came up with something that had to involve fabric and lavender. So I used some templates from a book and I picked a few lavender flowers, in a way it doesn’t show I did that (no big ‘holes’ in the garden). I shook them a bit so that tiny living creatures could run for their lives and let the flowers to dry on a paper towel.


For the filling of the flower I used those cut yarn ends I had kept. I’ll show you the result of my little fabric project later.



PS: Ticket to Leicester is booked!!!

Edit to add: I also finished a few other things in those past six months. Happy to show you a few of them: ShawlLong Island coastersHappy Summer coastersCushion cover frontCushion cover backLittle tweed bagBaby blanketGreen ripple blanketMandala

Lucy bag


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