Friday evening project

Friday night, after a few hours of studying (exam-stuff this Monday) I just needed a break and wanted to crochet something, but I didn’t wanted to make granny squares. It had to be a little project. I decided to make a cover for my tin, with some happy and bright colours. Lately, I’ve noticed –till my own surprise- I like bright colours a lot. I need some colour in my life, maybe it’s because I had some ‘dark months’ this year. Now something I always really enjoy is stationary. Luckily I need for my studies solid notepads, a good excuse to them now and then. I can spend hours in a stationary department, oooohhh-ing and aaahhh-ing and drooling over pretty notepads and postcards. I have more notepads than I need, but still …
Action schrift

Look at this one, bought it at Action about two years ago and I absolutely love the colours. They are very Cath Kidston-ish, don’t you agree? I’m sure you do.
Yarn tin cover

These colours were my inspiration for my little Friday evening project. I had yarn that was exactly like the colours on the notepad. Yay! Never knew what to do with it , but know I knew. J When I finished the cover I also made a leaf and a flower with a mini-button for it. The button is lilac but I couldn’t find one in the colours I used. Never mind, it still looks nice, I think. The tin already is in use and is happy in the window.

Tin2Tin back

Happy happy  with my  tiny tin.

And now back to my study books …


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