Garden stuff …


It’s ok weather today. Not very warm (I want it to be slightly warmer), but not too cold either. That tree in the middle of the photo is one of our walnut-trees. We have two of them and they are gigantic. And every year they seem to produce more walnuts.

Let’s have a closer look. Walnuts are growing, oh yes. If the harvest this year will be as the one we had last year we have to pick about 100 kilo’s of walnuts. Of course we don’t eat them all ourselves, we give a lot of walnuts away. And I add them in cakes and muffins. Really love my walnuts.
But we have more in the garden. We most certainly do.
CherryOne cherry (yes, one) …
Green beans
Green beans

Six or seven apples (yay!)
Many, many plums. They taste great in cakes (with walnuts).
Tomato flower
Tomatoes and tomato flowers.
Last year I made green tomato-chutney, very tasteful! I still have a jar or two in the cellar. The chutney is very nice on some bread with cheese.

red pepper
Red pepper and spinach.

All I need to do now is be patient and water the plant now and then.

Paarse bol

We have a lot these in the garden. When they’re all purple it’s such a beautiful site. They attract bees. I like bees, they’re friendly little creatures, I think.


Bye for now, have a nice weekend,

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