Granny square blanket

Good morning all. I began this day with a slice of toasted French bread with humus, yumyum, and a cappuccino. Cappuccino makes me happy. I just can’t imagine to live without coffee. Seriously. We still have French bread left from this weekend’s party, but old bread is great to make toast of it. Yummy. A simple pleasure, for sure. And after studying for an hour I needed a break which usually involves crochet and a coffee.

Since I started with crochet I wanted to make a granny square blanket. A big, colourful blanket. But every time I made the granny’s it just didn’t work out. The colours weren’t right, or the squares had different sizes because I used several brands of yarn. And so these granny’s became a cushion cover. Or a baby blanket. Or they are put away in the granny-box. But I really, really, really so desperately want to make a granny square blanket. Not to sell it, but for me. To snuggle under it when laying on the sofa with a book or a new crochet project during these chilly Autumn and Winter evenings. I should buy some yarn, all from the same brand, that’s probably the solution. Must try Stylecraft, I know.
Anyway, last night I went through my yarn-stash (OMG, I have so much yarn, it really is extremely ridiculous) to pick the colours I already could use and I realised that I am not going to buy any yarn. No Stylecraft, for at least a year. Yarn-diet it is. There, I said it out loud. Luckily my friend M came over for a coffee. She is the one who got me on crochet in the first place, so basically it is all her fault that I now have a yarn-addiction. M is good at crochet, she makes the prettiest shawls, jumpers and bags.
tas Manon                                                                 One of M’s bag.

sjaal ManonM with her shawl.

Sometimes we do a yarn-swap. I get some colours of her she doesn’t want anymore and visa versa. This time she left my house with some of my yarn. Which basically means I now have more space for ….. (yes, you know what I mean) …

So I sat on the floor, with all of (no, most of) my yarn and mixed and matched colours and brands. I picked the ones with the same thickness (I hope) and the right colours and put them in my basket. I’ll make basic granny’s with five rows and three colours per granny. Hmmm, all exited now, cannot wait to start this blanket!
YarnYarn in basket1

Another decision I made that day was that I want to use Lucy’s join-as-you-go-method. I tried it and it worked! What I like about this method is that you see the blanket grow instantly. Last night I made five squares and three of them I joined happily together.

Pip approved my choice of colours, too.

Need a cappu now, have a nice day.

Edit to add: Did you spotted that light brown horse on the photo? That’s Dustin, I had my very first horseback riding lessons on him, three years ago. Cutie.

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6 Responses to Granny square blanket

  1. Those colours are beautiful together – your blanket is going to be gorgeous.

  2. Manon says:

    Thank you for mentioning my work. Loved the coffee yesterday. And really love the colours you have chosen.

  3. That cappuccino looks divine!

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