A walk …

I am home alone a lot, which I per se don’t mind. But I do get a tiny bit lonely sometimes and it does get a bit claustrophobic now and then to stay at home all day. And I am just not that kind of girl who goes out and visits people uninvited. So I stay at home, but I know I should get out of the house more often, especially when the weather is nice. And yesterday was a sunny day, with a blue sky and a few cotton wool like clouds. I pulled myself together and went for a walk on the dyke. The dyke is behind our house and behind that dyke is a river, called the Waal. Sometimes in Winter or early Spring the river forelands are flooded. Back in 1995 the situation was so critical people had to be evacuated (I didn’t live here in that year). When these forelands are all in water our back back garden is also a little lake.  A few years ago the water came halfway to our calves (as you can see on this photo from 2011)! Well, in my case as I am only 5’4″ tall ….
Boots in water

Back to 2014 now. I took K’s camera on my walk, so I can show you where we live. I didn’t focus with the camera, I just took shots, 44 to be precise. It was very sunny anyway I could hardly see a thing. So the photo’s might not be all very sharp.

Little lake

Eigen weg                                When you follow this road you’ll reach the river.

GoatThe river


Bees on flower

IVeer 1 have found three large feathers for my feather-jar, one out of reach. Veer 3





And I saw lots of pretty flowers which I wanted to pick, but didn’t, because we still have plenty of flowers in the house. Party’s are usually good for receiving flowers.
Did you ever notice that flowers, considered as weed, are often purple and yellow? And damn beautiful? These are my favourites, I just love these lilac cornflowers and those big daisy’s.
MargrietCorn flowers

White flowersThis white flower remind me of my grandparents. They had these flowers in their garden, near a ditch in front of their house.




Tiny flowers

So, this is the area I live. Not as pretty as Dorset, Yorkshire, Tuscany or the Dordogne, but still, it can be very nice out here.
FarmBramen en bij





weiland Really, I should go out more.

Have a nice day,

PS: Have a look at our grapes, raspberries and pears. They’re doing fine so far!



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