Finished!!! My tray doily …

Green trayWhite tray







Remember my kind of scruffy green second-hand tray? It is not scruffy anymore, it’s now white, ánd it has a doily. 🙂 My very first one and I made it up myself, except for the surface chain and rows 11 and 12. Those are from Lucy’s mandala. I really like the effect this surface chain gives to a crochet project. Here is the link were you can find that, due to copyright issues. All credits go to Lucy for this! So once again, I am not claiming I made up this surface chain and two rows myself. But the rest of the doily came out my own creative little mind, without looking at other mandala’s. I just tried to combine stitches. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t and I had to think of something else. That is fun part of making up your own pattern.

My doily, or mandala,  has eighteen rounds and two surface chains and I have used seven colours in total.
Doily detailMaybe you want to make one yourself, so I have written down a tutorial for you. You can find my tutorial here.

Doily with flowers

So very, very pleased how it turned out …

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