Strawberry jam

We had so much strawberries left from our party, about 1,7 kilo, that I decided to make jam. I do like fresh fruit, but I am home alone and that amount is even for me a bit too much to eat. And there are still some cherries left as well, so I won’t be hungry this week, that’s for sure.
Last year I made jam for the first time: plum jam and raspberry jam. We still have some jars left! Strawberry jam I never tried, so this is my first time.

StrawberriesI use one packet of special sugar (Van Gilse) for my jam, that means 500 grams of sugar and about 1250 grams (or a bit more) of fresh fruit. It makes the jam not too sweet, just as I like it.
Jam in panIf you only could smell this …..

Bring it to the boil and cook it for about two minutes, and fill some clean jars. Et voilà: home-made strawberry jam. Don’t forget to lick the pan … Yum, yum, yum.
Strawberry jam


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