K and yours truly are very busy with our, or I should say his, PP. Party Preparations, that is. This Saturday we expect around and about 40 people from The Netherlands, Germany and France. Mais oui. PP involve a lot of shopping, both food and drinks and snacks like peanuts and crisps. And other stuff. We have our basement filled. If no one shows up we can feed ourselves till 2016. The problem is, we work so hard (we really do!) with tidying up the place and cooking and organizing that we think we deserve some crisps now and then (that means: every day). Must buy some more, I guess. Yesterday we went to Action (a shop I cannot live without) to buy some toys for the few children we expect to come. And I saw this very nice bowl I suddenly needed, for my pasta salad. Also very useful for a bag of crisps, indeed. It’s a very colourful bowl, not what I usual would choose but I like the colours. So Summer Party.
Big bowl


Then I took K to the second-hand shop, he had never been inside! I bought two Paddington-mugs (25 cents each), a blue and white flower-pot (will look nice with my vase) and a wicker tray. I was green. Now, green is one of my favourite colours, but this kind of green … nahhh… And it looked a bit shabby.
Green trayGreen and white






So back home I dived into K’s closet in the garage where he hides all of his paint cans and I found one with crème in it. Maybe also the perfect colour for my wicker basket. Will do that later, way too busy right now with making a colourful doily for my fresh painted tray.
White tray
I’ve also been experimenting with baking cupcakes, and this time I’ve used Lucy’s recipe. They tasted great, but my cupcake cases were too big and too wide, so my cupcakes came out rather flat. Next time I double the doses, that must do the trick, or use smaller cupcake cases. The one in the red has one of our own grown raspberries in it. Yummy.

It’s time for a cappuccino, oh yes.

Coffee moment


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