Het hart van alle dingenThe signatureLast year I have won eighteen books. Seriously. I even won, in one week, four weeks (yes, I know, it’s almost embarrassing) . Two of them were copies of “Inferno” by Dan Brown, both the luxury editions. This year it is bit slow with winning books, four so far, but I am not complaining. One of the other titles I won last year is “The Signature of All Things” (Dutch: Het hart van alle dingen) by Elizabeth Gilbert. When her book “Eat, pray, love” was published I immediately wanted to read that book. I was convinced it had to an amazing read. So I read it Dutch and after thirty pages I closed it. Crap. ‘Woman, get of that floor and get a life’, that is what I thought after reading those first thirty pages. But then, a year or so later, I saw a few scenes of the film “Eat, pray, love” at the Oprah Winfrey Show and I thought ‘mmm, interesting’. Maybe I should give the book a second chance, maybe I should read it in English this time. And so I did. And I AbSoLuTeLy Loved it. Which makes my point, some books should be read in their original language. Weird, isn’t it? Anyway, I love to read, but since I discovered crochet I read a lot less than I am used to (in 2013 85 books). I am in a book club and next time we meet it is my turn to host the evening. And we’ll read “The Signature …” 🙂

Since my crochet obsession I borrow a lot of non-fiction books. About crochet of course, but also about felt and sewing. And look what I found, last night in the library. Some beautiful inspiring books. I see some new projects coming …
Tilda's dreams

Tilda's notice board
This is such a lovely notice board (left). When you click on the images you’ll get a bigger picture.

Vilt veel liefsVilt7







PS: Sorry, I just can’t seem to get the photo’s right, they go from the left to the right. And I want them in the middle …



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