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I must admit something, I have never ever been to the Rijksmuseum. That is, until today. Thursday I received an e-mail from Hebban: I’d won a ticket to a book presentation … at the Rijksmuseum! I don’t know what was more exciting, the book presentation or the Rijksmuseum. Let’s talk about the book first. It is called The Miniaturist (Het Huis aan de Gouden Bocht) by Jessie Burton. The story is about a rich woman who gets a doll’s house from her husband. You can see this doll’s house at the Rijks, as we Dutchies call the Rijksmuseum. So on Friday the 13th I got on the train to Amsterdam. It was a lovely sunny day. When I travel by train I always bring a notebook with me so I can write. This time I took one of my old notebooks, it had notes in it about my week in France, two years ago. I read my scribbles about our visit to Chateau de Castelnaud and then I remembered: this is where I took these succulent sprouts! You see, this is why you must jot down your thoughts and events.

As I mentioned, it was a warm day. Not too hot, not too chilly. I had plasters on my blisters and I was ready for a stroll through Amsterdam. Before the book presentation started I had an extra two hours spare time so I did some shopping. Looking at stuff I don’t really need and cannot buy. I am on a money diet, remember? But … I wanted to treat myself to a copy of Simply Haken (Dutch version of Simply Crochet), but I was in doubt. It is a rather expensive magazine and it has lots of subjects you can find on the Internet. This issue has three lovely floral buttons, but the magazine is as usual wrapped in plastic so you can’t have a peek inside. And as I am still job-less I just couldn’t justify this purchase. At the Bijenkorf I found a copy without the wrapper (the free buttons were also gone). I flipped through the pages, saw lovely things to crochet, but yet again decided not to buy. When I am short of cash I count back to Dutch guilders. That means that 5,95 in euros is about 12,50 in guilders. Twelve fifty for a magazine! Hello, wakeup call! For €5,95 I rather buy three balls of yarn instead.

I left the Bijenkorf, bought a very yummy Danish pastry at V&D (my only treat that day) and headed to the Rijks. During my walk I enjoyed the pretty old houses Amsterdam has.

And the Rijks, ooowww, what a magnificent building that is. It felt like I was abroad, on holiday, but this is in my own little country.
The book presentation itself was ok. Unfortunately it wasn’t in the room with the doll’s houses, but in the Auditorium. Hmm … must go back someday to see these stunning little houses. The best part of the presentation was the talk by conservator Bianca du Mortier. Do you know these people that can tell a story and that everyone is listening and don’t want the storyteller to stop? She was like that, she was amazing. And she was funny, hilarious at some times.





The photos with Jessie are a bit vague, I’m afraid, she kept moving her head …


xxx enjoy your weekend

PS: It was a bit disappointing that I didn’t get a copy of the book (a girl can hope, can’t she?), but I did get a nice bookmarker. 🙂

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